Already thinking about next year’s possible destinations and we’re thinking of being green by taking the Eurostar to Rotterdam for a long weekend. Know very little to nothing about it, so was wondering how many days are recommended, what’s worth doing there, obscure things to do etc

Dank u wel!

Could be anywhere.


Can’t offer much as only had an afternoon there, had some great food and drink at Kaapse Maria, Kaapse Maria

The Hague looks worth a day trip from what I saw of it briefly.

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Rotterdam is an underrated place. Mostly flattened in the war so there is not much old stuff, but lots of interesting modernist architecture, thriving bar/restaurant scene, some great museums.

Really recommend this place - fabulously preserved modernist house with all of its original furniture and fittings

The new covered market hall is good (if a bit of a tourist trap). Lots of cheapish places to eat in there. Recommend a bit of Kibbeling (Dutch fish and chips)

This place is meant to be amazing, but it hadn’t quite opened the first time I was there and didn’t have time to visit the second time


Fantastic recommendations! This is the sort of stuff we’re after. Thank you.

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I bet you do, you filthy old bollocks!