Rough Trade Albums Of The Year. The polls start already

Liam Gallagher is on it. I’m so glad for him.

I’m assuming that like previous years this consists of about 90% of albums they have special “exclusive” editions of which they need to shift?


Dunno how they’ve gone Murder of the Universe over Flying Microtonal Banana tbh (maybe that’s just the one they have in stock, Banana seems to be harder to find for some reason)

I prefer this thread…

Indeed. Flying Microtonal Banana is definitely the superior album for me. I much prefer Sketches of Brunswick East to MOTU too

Sorry. I didn’t see that one. Apologies.

Shame there’s no apparent ordering, but good to see they’ve included Ibibio Sound Machine, Blanck Mass and Sinkane on there.

Pretty sure you can’t have an album of the year list without Snapped Ankles on it though.

Ah, it is in order. So all the albums I like are at the bottom, 60 or so places below Liam Gallagher? Hmm.