Rough Trade's albums of the year list is out.

It’s Fontaines DC that’s number one for them.

The usually heavily favour artists that have played their venues during the year in their list. This year isn’t an exception to that. I don’t have too much of an objection to that.

Interesting list. Lana Del Rey fairly low down. Sarathy Korwar is on the list which is good to see and so is Liam Gallagher, which isn’t.

Good to see BCUC make a list. Love their live shows.

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Oops, sorry people. Didn’t see that thread, I pointlessly started a new one.

Although they’ve stuck Liam at 100 haven’t they. Means they can give it some aoty display space to shift copies for Christmas.

It’s all about selling records for Xmas, isn’t it? Poor list every year, very much focused on “things you might buy your dad to try and get into.”

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