Roundhouse Kicks



Been on the huge decline haven’t they? I saw Michael Knight land a couple in Knight Rider 2000 (1991) which is probably towards the tail end of the roundhouse.

Neck snapping is a little less popular too maybe?


was my go-to move on Way of the Exploding fist, man.


Classic… what was the other one Yie Ar Kung Fu?



I bet loads of goobers still do it in the wrasslin’


van damme’s probably still going for it


Although I did play more Way of the Exploding Fist


More superkicks and pele kicks now.


Pele kick



Haha funnily enough I sneaked a wee roundhouse on the punchbag at the gym last week wen no one was about.
It was satisfying


Knocked a gd third of life off in Mortal combat


Hey. I remember that. A brilliant game. The round where you have to kick and punch pots and pans was tricky.


roundhouse kicks right through the night





UFC has killed em off. Same with Karate


There was certainly a lot of kicking going on when i saw Radiohead there earlier in the year.


It’s ok guys - Jean Claude is here for your roundhouse needs:

(this is actually really good…)


A friend of mine messaged me about this just the other day, looks great :slight_smile: