Rowntrees Randoms

Utter shite. A sad indictment of our modern lack of confection creativity. When I see a bag of them I feel nothing but disdain.


I would say that they are ‘alright’


Didn’t know they still made them (by which I mean I thought they’d stopped making them because everyone hates them).

Unforgivably flavourless for a piece of confectionery.

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Can’t we strive for better than alright?

I’m a big fan of the sour watermelon sweets


In my mouth?

Ah right

I don’t mind them but then again I am pretty random myself!

  • Monkey
  • Cheese
  • Bacon
  • All of the above

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yeah not great

Those ‘Tony’s’ chocolate Christmas mini things are shite, that’s for certain. Americans only seem to allow bad chocolate to be exported.

Randoms are ok-ish. 4/10.

Randoms! Go go go!!


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Don’t think I’ve ever had them.

Are they vegetarian??

Think they’re good. Much better than fruit pastilles (unpleasantly chewy), jelly tots and whatever other crap rowntrees do. Probably their best sweet now I think about it!

Jelly Tots are fine

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