Roy Orbison

just magical, isn’t he?


Can never listen to in Dreams without thinking of this wonderful scene in David Lynch’s Blue Velvet.

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Fantastic karaoke option

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He’s written some fucking great records

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You gotta have some pipes, man!

he’s great. uses some decent guitar chords too does our Roy


Has anyone ever listened to the Travelling Wilburys

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unfortunately, yes

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First record was good, second not so much but then Orbison wasn’t on that one

No glasses Roy

Pretty Woman is definitely in my top five all time fucking bangers. Basing this entirely on walking home from the pub alone, headphones in, singing my tits off.

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Frankie & Bennies-core

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Y’all seen that gig he did with Tom Waits on piano and Elvis Costello and Springsteen on guitar? It’s all on youtube, absolutely cracking footage.

Though in this particular track Waits just skulks around like a bored teenager :joy:

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Yep listened to it this morn. He sounds so old bless im.

Love the Big O

He had a proper tragic life bless him

Good old Roy. Amazing voice and the inspiration for the best fan-fiction ever: Ulli's Roy Orbison in Cling-film site

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Yep. Barely anyone else in the world that has written five songs as good as these -

Blue Bayou, Only The Lonely, Crying, In Dreams, Running Scared

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+++ It’s Over

I have this gig on blu-ray. Bloody good it is!