Royal Trux - Twin Infinitives


Yep, absolutely fucking terrible. Just like all no-wave


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think Thank You might be my fav album of thiers

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I love Royal Trux, but yes, that is from their “too fucked to play” period and is a record for try hards. Cats And Dogs is their best actually.

I pretty much love everything they’ve put out and think Twin Infinitives is their best album by a mile

Fair enough - can you help me enjoy it? (I really liked Singles, Live and Unreleased - but that was when they started with the tunes - I’m not averse to noise for the sake of it, but just really struggled)…

I think I’ll go with tired and woozy. I keep Sweet Sixteen for when ill and woozy:

Bit of a strange one because I didn’t like it when I first heard it, and can totally sympathise with people who miles prefer their other albums. You can also come across as a bit of a condescending wanker when you talk about how you understand that people may prefer RT’s more ‘conventional’ records as opposed to this more ‘difficult’ one.

I think it helped that it was the second one of theirs that I heard (and the untitled (skulls) one was the first) so kind of saw them as more of a noise band initially. That said, think I probably gave it about two listens after I bought it and didn’t listen to it again for years. No idea really what it was that made me go back to it, but it definitely clicked. Guess what I dig about it is the sprawl (kind of got a thing for slightly indulgent double albums anyway tbh) and the various changes of mood and atmosphere. Getting a bit wanky again, but love the way it just deconstructs the previous 30 years of popular music song form. It’s literally like they started with songs, then took them apart and just give you the pieces. Also love that in the twenty plus years since I bought it, I’ve yet to hear any other record that sounds even remotely like it. Just FYI also, although they made it before getting clean, read in an interview that they were always stone cold sober during the recording sessions for Twin Infinitives. It’s not (necessarily) down to the drugs that it sounds the way it does!

In terms of enjoying it, can only really suggest giving it a bunch of spins. I did, then went through a period of being borderline obsessed with it and reckon I listened to it about 10-15 times a year ever since. Can definitely say it’s one of those records that you can find something new about each time. It’s also pointless picking out individual songs. You’ve gotta commit to the whole thing. Having said all of this, appreciate entirely that you may not consider devoting loads of time to a record that you previously haven’t got on with in the hope that something clicks is the best use of your time, when there is so much other music to listen to. Can only say what worked for me really. Really hope you find something to like (either that, or, you know, listen to Cats and Dogs instead. That’s freaking amazing too!)


Thanks for the lengthy breakdown @anon9806217, I will give it a few goes now just to justify the effort you put into your reply! I do like it when things click, and if they can do, all the better. My favourite Trux stuff is either the really blissful stuff like Back To School / Turn of the Century or the knackered stuff like Ratcreeps (Singles, Live version) and Red Tiger. Twin Infinitives is somewhere way beyond there, but I owe it to myself to at least try a few more times!

Listened to this for the first time a couple of weeks ago when i realised all RT’s stuff was on spotify (been a longtime fan off C&D, Accelerator, VOD). Sounded like some weird avant dub mix of what could have been more traditional songs. Only listened to it the once though as i decided to dive into Sweet 16 instead (v good so far, not as challenging as i was led to believe) but i will go back to it again when i’m up for something challenging.