Rozi Plain


New Rozi Plain single and album announcement, strream below for some lovely mellowness…


Ah wonderful news


Ah Rozi is great. This song is perfect :ok_hand:t3:


Thanks for posting this! Really nice.

There was a new track ‘Conditions’ on Spotify for the first week of January, that seems to have gone missing again. Anyone know what’s going on there? I guess it’ll be on the new album, but I was enjoying it!

Also agree that Actually is one of the best songs of the last few years.

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Ahh so good. Her voice makes me melt into the sofa. Hope to catch her live again, last time she was exceptional


Ah, nice to see this! She’s so good, think I actually prefer her to This Is The Kit (maybe, they’re both ace)

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Yeah. they’re both ace, Rozi Plain had it in the bag for me until Moonshine Freeze (which is SUCH a good record). But then so is Joined Sometimes Unjoined, and Friend. Arrgh!

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Another newie, “Conditions”. Quite lovely, getting excited for the album!


Good to have this one back - it was on Spotify for a week at the start of the year, but probably wasn’t meant to be!

Rozi’s on top form as always :slight_smile:


she is so good eh

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Wow, all the singles off of this new un have been pretty amazing


not listened to any of the new stuff but she’s good isn’t she. vocals always remind me of robert wyatt

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New Forms is probably my favorite winner of the Mercury Prize tbh tbf :+1:




This new album is sooo excellent. Maybe even better than Friend. On my fourth listen today.

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On two listens so far…looking forward to the next one!


So, this new album is great huh?

Only had a couple of listens - the melodies will stick with time, but really enjoying the general wash of sound at the moment. The more she pushes the electronic side, the better she gets.

Glow in the dark vinyl too… :grin:


did you not see her at YES last night? completely wonderful. probs my fave artist/band rn, I’m thinking.

the rhythm section remind me of Movietone, which is a wonderful thing.


Seeing her tonight in Glasgow! Really looking forward to it