Rozi Plain

Yeah, on my 5th or 6th listen now, and while not as immediate as her previous albums, it’s an enjoyable listen - she’s definitely evolved her sound with each record, and I like the free-er compositions that she’s now doing - can’t think of anyone else doing the same really.

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I didn’t in the end - had it marked out months ago as a ‘must go to’ gig, introduced a friend to her music and he was up for coming too, tickets were only about £9 I think…and then with events detailed elsewhere on here over the last few weeks it fell by the wayside unfortunately.

Great to hear that you went and that she was so good though! I’ll just have to make do with her excellent records for now, and catch her on the next one.

Incidentally, I believe Lost Map (who ironically have “lost” her) have her Friend LP on sale for £12. Bargain.

Yeah, I enjoyed Joined Sometimes Unjoined etc but she’s moving even closer towards my musical sweet spot with this sound and looser arrangement style. I’m happy with the new record being less immediate - I know that the melodies will click in time, and so it feels like a slow reveal of its charms.

There’s a lot of ‘decent to very good’ folk around at the moment and Rozi really stands out from the pack on the strength of her arrangements I think.

It’s thanks to you I heard her in the first place FC :+1:

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Nice, I’ll get on that! Thanks.

I bought Joined… from her bandcamp page, it didn’t turn up for weeks, so I chased it and got a nice email back from Rozi herself saying she’d run out of copies and she’d chase her label or someone who she thought had already sent out the record to me.