RRRNature ... CD swap v9

So here we go with the next one.

With thanks to @funkycow we have some themes… as there was no consensus from the poll take your pick from the three r’s or Mother Nature depending on preference (or what you’ve done before).

Usual drill, all welcome. Addresses with me via a PM within the next week (or so). Here’s the last thread:

Nice one, I’m in!

Unsurprisingly I’m in, though still not sure which theme I’m going to go with!

You could attempt a mix of songs that straddle both themes?

I’m in! No idea which theme to pick, probably nature but that might be too tempting to choose loads of atmospheric black metal tracks which might not go down too well with others!

Are black metal bands into nature then?

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A fair bit of Atmospheric Black Metal tends to revolve around natural themes, there are loads of album covers that look a lot like this;

I’m in - details PM’d to you.

I’m in for three.

Nature is into black metal as well! There’s none more metal than the bearded tit!


Can I be paired with @LastAstronaut please?


I’d also be delighted to have a collection of black metal - in a few years of doing these not sure any black metal has cropped up for me - but as @LastAstronaut sent me a sins disc I think the sausage machine won’t be allocating me him again.


aye fuck it i’ll do 3. gonna go nature.

Thanks for the responses so far. It’s probably going to be Thursday evening before I send addresses out so I’ll leave this open a couple more days for anyone else who wants involved.

Just heard they are chucking my son’s school out at lunchtime so I’ve a snowy afternoon at home … perfect for sorting the addresses and PMs.

So how about a deadline of 2pm in case there’s any stragglers who would like to be involved in this. Message me before then.

My first draft is sounding ok, might be a few replacements/order changes yet. I’m finding Nature harder than I thought I would, it’s quite a broad brief.

Yes, I 'm struggling a bit as well. Hope to put something in the post by the end of the week, but it needs a lot of work yet…

Managed to get mine done & dusted last night and out in today’s post so hopefully @funkycow @mclassh & @woweezowee it should be with you in the next day or so


Great. Look forward to it. Better get cracking with mine.

Mine might be a combination of 2 themes. I’m also trying to make it a bit more balanced as I go a bit “riff heavy” sometimes.