RRRNature ... CD swap v9


Arrived today @LastAstronaut :slight_smile:
Just got a chance to take a quick peak at the tracklist… Looks great, a few personal faves (Nick Cave, GBV, Wire, Swans) but also lots that I’ve not even heard of. Looking forward to spending time with it.


@mclassh @Icarus-Smicarus, @Prob500 I’m running a bit behind this round, but my tracklisting is now almost complete and hopefully by the end of next week there’ll be something on its way to you.

@DustyNothing and @maggieloveshopey thanks for your mixes. Enjoyed cursory listens to both. I’ll post full feedback after some more plays.


lovely, thanks for the feedback!

the Panopticon track is from their (his) album Roads To The North, which is probably my favourite. It’s still definitely metal, but there’s a lot of experimentation and unusual stuff in there, and I really like it. Voice Of The Seven Thunders was a one off album by a guitarist called Rick Tomlinson. If you like this track you’ll like the rest of the album. He did another, much more acoustic, record under the name Voice Of The Seven Woods and bugger all else, as far as I can see. Josh Homme out of QOTSA was in Kyuss first of all. They were one of the definitive early stoner rock bands, and if you like the big dirty rumbling bass you have some treats ahead of you in their catalogue. There’s four albums, and you could start with any of them, except the debut (Wretch), which is a peg or two below the others. The track I picked was the opener from their last record, …And The Circus Leaves Town. The Massive Attack was from No Protection, which is essentially the Mad Professor doing a dub to the entire Protection album. It’s way better than the original album, which is one of their weakest, I reckon.
Really glad you like the Studio track. The album is called West Coast, and it’s brilliant. They were two guys from Sweden who thought it’d be a good idea to make an album that sounded like Can, Neu, Happy Mondays and The Cure dancing together in the rays of the rising sun somewhere in the Balearics. Somehow they pulled it off and gave us this gem, effortlessly pretty disco, krautrock, dub, and indie pop replayed through a sun kissed filter. It’s twelve years old now, one of the great lost records.


no worries, i sorted mine but still haven’t ripped them :confused: think i need to order some new CD sleeves and i’ll try and get sorted ASAP


thanks for the reminder, I need to do this. Had to scrape together three old CD single cases for this round!


@shucks @bornin69x @LastAstronaut

Better late than never (I hope) my discs have just made it into envelopes and will be dropped into the post later today. @bornin69x you seem to be getting a disproportionately large number of discs from me (is this number 3?) hope it’s not too tiresome, will have to have a word with my algorithm that allocates discs to names.


I’m going to give Roads to the North a go. Not something I would listen to at all but I enjoyed the track on your mix enough for me to give it a chance. Definitely the layers to it that made it more appealing to me than most metal I’ve heard.

I Have a few bits by Voice of the Seven Woods but stupidly didn’t put the two together. Seems fairly obvious now!

Thanks I knew there was some link but didn’t know Josh Homme was a former member. Sounds like I’m going to like these guys so going to work backwards through their collection.

Think I might just stick with the Mad Professor version then. Similar to Primal Scream and Echo Dek. I like Vanishing Point but think some of the remixes are superior versions.

That’s a great description of the Studio sound. Just found the album on Spotify so looking forward to giving it a few listens later.


CD received today, thanks! Looking at the tracklisting I’ve heard of three of the artists but I don’t think I’ve heard any of the tracks on the CD, looking forward to checking it out!


I’ve uploaded and track listed my Nature mix to Mixcloud if anyone else fancies a listen;


Received @Trev’s yesterday so thanks for that. Full on with work at the moment so feedback might be a week or so off, but I have got it!


Cool, glad it got there.


Thanks @LastAstronaut had this on all week. The two things that I really got from it where that for a mix of mainly unknowns it held my attention throughout so great job on the flow. The second was that from the names I did recognise I didn’t hear what I was expecting so it will be nice to know whether I’ve got them all wrong or you threw me a few curveballs!

Lovely little scene setting track from Nemus going into a Nick Cave song from an album that I often overlook. Not sure why. I really like both sides to Abattoir Blues / The Lyre of Orpheus but I always seem to turn to others when in a Nick Cave mood.
GBV are a band I’ve read about and I know I will like but have then never taken it any further due to their dauntingly huge back catalogue. Going to have to change this because this is fantastic. Bit of a sucker for slacker lo-fi rock. In your opinion what is the one album I should start with?

Not my thing at all but quite enjoyed the Gallowbraid and the closing Winterfylleth tracks. Both truly epic and have other aspects than just the black metal sound which is probably what helped appeal to me. Gallowbraid especially with a very underlying melodic folky sound to it. Not sure if I could take a whole album of it though.
Cinematic interlude with the Eluvium track that flowed well into Rose Kemp but aside from her voice it passed me by a bit. As did the first half of the Her Name Is Calla track but picked up with the swelling brass and strings towards the end.

I was expecting something a lot heavier and not so atmospheric from Swans. Have I got them wrong or is this track not a true reflection of their sound?
Found Howling North a bit repetitive and have heard a few bits before from Jon Spencer Blues Explosion with anything really grabbing me enough to explore any further.

Had very different expectations for The Wedding Present and Wire. Always had it in my head that the Wedding Present were a lot more jangly whereas this sounded like The Fall to me. I know a friend gave me his copy of the George Best album but I’ve never got round to listening to it so will have to dig it out. The only thing I really know about Wire is them suing Elastica so was expecting bit of a post punk track and not acoustic guitars.
Worked well seguing into Midlake who I’m a big fan of. Those vocals! Had them on heavy rotation on a recent California road trip so this brought back nice memories.
Never heard of Grumbling Fur but this was one of my favourites on the mix. Loved the woozy kind of trippy feel to it and similarities with Midlake in the gorgeous vocals. Where is best to start with them?

Thanks again for such an enjoyable mix!


Thanks @Trev received here too so will give it a few spins soon


Thought I should pop a quick note in here to say thanks to @Trev, @DustyNothing and @maggieloveshopey for their mixes which I am currently enjoying and will feed back on soon. Also, to let @mclassh, @Icarus-Smicarus and @woweezowee know that your mix is ready and printed, just have to get some double sided tape so I can stick it together and send out. I think it’s one of my better mixes so hopefully worth the wait…

(excuses are children’s birthday parties, easter hols so little listening time and various IT / logistic cock-ups - sorry all!!!)


Hi, thanks for the feedback, really glad you enjoyed it!

I’ve only really dipped my toes into the gargantuan GBV back catalogue. This track is from 1997’s Mag Earwhig, one of the albums that tends to be counted amongst the “you should really hear” list along with Bee Thousand and Alien Lanes from their earlier output. Cue some tuts and shakings of the head from the more GBV purists on here but I tend to prefer the more straightforward indie rock of their later output (I think the first of theirs I got was Universal Truths and Cycles after seeing the video for Everywhere With Helicopter on MTV2 many years ago). Any of those mentioned may be a good start or check out the Spotify playlist that @Icarus-Smicarus did on here a few months ago (I’m sure he can hit you up with a link)

Really happy you didn’t straight up hate Gallowbraid or Winterfylleth! Gallowbraid only ever made one EP and as far as I know then disbanded, it’s called Ashen Eidelon, the title track of which is possibly better than this one! The Winterfylleth track is a lot gentler than their usual ferocious BM output which is why I thought I could risk its inclusion here.

Rose Kemp’s voice is great but I take your point on this specific track it does drag a little but it’s the only one of hers I have that really fit with the theme, it’s worth checking out the rest of the Unholy Majesty album though.

The Swans track is off 1992’s Love of Life. I have only recently got into them, I started with the more recent, epic output (The Seer was the first I heard) which may not have been the easiest entry but once they clicked (To Be Kind was the album that did it), I started to work backwards and found I really enjoyed their last few albums before the 90s split (White Light From The Mouth of Infinity, Love of Life, The Great Annihilator & Soundtracks For The Blind) and they might have been an easier starting point for me. I am yet to brave the really early experimental harsher stuff! So to answer your question, yes, it is representative of their sound between 1991 and 1996!

The Wedding Present track is a cover version of the 1982 hit single by Bow Wow Wow, a pretty well known track for folks of my generation, but I realised after I’d sent it that anyone younger than 45 may have never heard of it! Their own material is indeed a bit more jangly!

The Wire track is from 2010’s album of the same name. I really like their later period stuff, I guess I should work backwards a bit!

Grumbling Fur I don’t know a massive amount about except it’s a joint project between Alexander Tucker and Daniel O’Sullivan. I only have one album, 2014’s Preternaturals which I still feel I need to listen to more. Other folks here probably know more about them but this is probably a decent place to start.

Ok, rambled on enough I think! Thanks again for your feedback!


Great, thanks funkycow - I was hoping I’d wind up on your send list again at some point. You’re still well ahead of me in terms of getting the mix done and shipped out this round (excuses as per selfie thread), so no need for apology.


You’re very kind! Your wish is my command as the CDs went in the post today to all my recipients! Many congratulations on the best of all excuses not to be on your game with mixing! Hope you’re enjoying your early days together!


@DustyNothing, thanks for your excellent mix - it’s been accompanying me back and forth to my new office for a couple of weeks now and I’ve really enjoyed it. I thought this was a really coherent mix, with excellent sequencing and mixing, a good variety of genres and nice clean artwork. Lovely. I particularly enjoyed the Broadcast/Hand Habits sequence and Linda Perhacs/Susanne Sundfor sequence (which would actually loop nicely back round to Broadcast). Been a fan of Broadcast for a long time but definitely interested in pursuing Hand Habits further, ditto Linda Perhacs (reminded me of Julie Byrne a bit in feel, but guessing this predates her).

I’m conscious of seeing Field Music threads and have never tried them before, but it’s one of my favourites on the mix. Ditto, I know the obvious Talking Heads singles but this track (and another on a Mother Nature mix) have basically told me that I need to pursue them further. Where should I start? Marnie Stern has almost grown on me, sort of Sleigh Bells does Bill & Ted. Liked the guitars on Micachu & The Shapes - but can’t decide whether they’d be annoying over a whole album - are they worth pursuing?

The second half of the mix has a lot more stuff I’m familiar with / listen to regularly - in particular This Is The Kit, Throwing Muses, Built To Spill and dEUS. I should really listen to Forest Swords more (got one album, debut I think, this track was great). Clearly you have great taste :grin:

Thanks again for putting this together, it’s one of a handful of mixes I have happily listened to end to end without wanting to skip tracks, which I think is an achievement when we’re sticking to themes as we do. I will look forward to your next one whenever we cross paths again!


Okay, @lastastronaut, here is some much delayed feedback. Sorry for the wait, but life, don’t talk to me about life, etc

The Nemus is a suitably pastoral beginning, leading into the Nick Cave, which is a great selection. I love NC&TBS, I really should have thought of this one myself. I like the GBV. It’s a good tune, but it’s a daunting back catalogue, isn’t it? I will take notes from your comments above.
I liked the Gallowbraid, starts all acoustic and folky but I could tell it was going to be black metal, even before the goblin vocals come in. Put me very much in mind of Agalloch, which isn’t a bad thing. The Eluvium is short but sweet, and then I’m afraid Rose Kemp is the first miss for me, just a bit too finger in the ear twee for me. Her Name Is Calla starts that way, but soon develops a nice foreboding atmosphere. I always find a sense of impending doom adds to my enjoyment of a record.
The Swans track is really good. Definitely ticks the impending doom box, and is strong across the board. Another one to refer back to your earlier comment on. JSBX is a bit too classic rock for me, and while the Wedding Present cover might fit the theme I’d rather have had one of their own songs (used to love them circa Bizarro) or the original (and yes, I am old enough to remember it). I don’t know Howling North at at all, but this is good, and I’ll probably look up some more.
The Wire is not what I expected at all. Not unpleasant, mind you, just not in line with what I knew of them. The only Grumbling Fur track I knew previously was The Ballad Of Roy Batty. This is in the same vein musically, but doesn’t have the Blade Runner hook, which let’s face it is 90% of the appeal of that one.
I already knew the Winterfylleth - another title that’s perfectly suited to the theme. The monologue on the end a is great way to close. Cheers!


Thanks for your feedback, glad you enjoyed most of it.

The album that the Nemus track is from is worth checking out if you like your atmospheric black metal, the track on the mix is the intro;

Fair enough re the Weddoes cover, I take your point it’s not as strong as their own stuff but I put it in as a bit of light relief.

The Howling North track is from their (his?) album Immersion, all instrumental BM;

Thanks again.