RRRNature ... CD swap v9


@LastAstronaut… apologies for delayed feedback on your really enjoyable mix.
My favourite mixes tend to have some old favourites of mine and some stuff to take me out of my comfort zone - yours fit the bill to a tee.
Some great feedback upthread from your other recipients, hope I’m not too repetitive.
Firstly, while I’m not into metal I did really enjoy all 3 of the epic metal tracks on your mix. They were nicely sequenced which gave the mix a really good balance. I’ve had a CD from you before & enjoyed the heavier tracks on that too… I’m not sure I’d necessarily be into an albums worth, but really great in smaller doses for sure & I really appreciate being nudged towards genres that are normally outside my comfort zone.
Lovely intro with that Nemus opener, leading into Nick Cave. I’m an obsessive Nick Cave fan & it’s nice to hear a track like this out of context.
I really like GBV, but wasn’t familiar with this & really enjoyed it. There’s always another GBV album to check out isn’t there? I’ll be sure to follow up on Mag Earwhig.
Quite enjoyed the 2 mellower folky tracks in the middle, Rose Kemp & Her Name Is Calla…
While a fan of Swans, I wasn’t really keen on this track. I’ve not heard their early 90’s albums & the production on this one didn’t sit right with me as I’m used to their far more abrasive work.
Jon Spencer was pretty cool & a nice change of tack, leading nicely into the crazy Wedding Present cover, which while throwaway was still very enjoyable.
Haven’t heard any Wire material other that their early classic albums. This was a great track & think I’ll check out the album this is from.
Midlake are a band I’ve heard of & seen plenty written about, but have never checked out. This track didn’t really grab me but I feel I may be missing something & should check them out… any suggestions on starting point?
Think that’s everything - sorry for rambling… once again a really enjoyable mix, thanks a million!


Thanks Trev, really glad you enjoyed it!

With regards to Midlake I would recommend listening to their 2nd album 2006’s The Trials of Van Occupanther and if that doesn’t float your boat then there’s probably no point trying the others.

I could see why, if you’re used to Swans’ more abrasive stuff, that the more polished 90s output might not sit well. I just love the texture of Gira’s voice and the high production on these bunch of albums really brings it out.

Thanks again for the feedback.


Thanks very much @funkycow for the feedback and very kind words. Always hope that a couple of tracks stick but so nice to hear when the whole mix is received so well. You have to take some credit too as I remember it was you who steered me towards Audacity and got me thinking more about the sequencing rather than just bunging them on in a random order.

So glad you mentioned those 4 tracks working well together as I originally had them in the middle of the mix but felt it threw the rest out a little. So I put 2 at the start and then 2 at the end so if it was listened to on a loop it would have the impact I wanted without it being so obvious.

Pretty easy to explore Hand Habits as she only has the one album - Wildly Idle - and I wholeheartedly recommend it. It came out very early in 2017 and it stuck with me throughout the year and ended up in my top 3. If you’re familiar with Kevin Morby then this is his guitarist Meg Duffy and she recorded and played most of the instruments on the record herself. A very beautiful hypnotic record. Really looking forward to what she does next.

When I was getting into Bert Jansch & Vashti Bunyan I kept reading about this lost classic album called Parallelograms recorded by a Dental Hygienist called Linda Perhacs. It came out in the early 70’s and absolutely flopped so she went back to her day job. When the whole freak folk thing came back around it picked up a much more welcoming audience. She only released a follow up album a couple of years back.

With Field Music this was taken from their self titled debut album and is a good place to start. All very reminiscent of this track just clever guitar pop. Talking Heads are probably a band where everyone has a different opinion in ranking their albums. The Book I Read is from their debut 77 and is a favourite of mine. Fear of Music and Remain in Light are probably the two most talked about though . Really don’t think you’ll be disappointed with any of them.

I got hooked on the Forest Swords debut. It used to be pretty much the exact length as my train journey into work and found it was an album I could sit and pay full attention to picking out new bits on every listen or completely zone out to but enjoy it just the same. Thankfully my commute has considerably shortened now but I do think it has had an adverse effect on my listening habits. It seemed to be universally agreed that his follow up was a real step up but I’ve struggled to connect with it as much probably because I find it harder now to give it extended uninterrupted plays.

So glad you enjoyed the mix and hope you go on and enjoy the new discoveries!


@funkycow sorry forgot about Micachu. I only have the one album - Jewellery and in my opinion this is the best and most coherent track on the album. The rest of it can be a bit tuneless and a bit too much going going so if you’re already having doubts I would probably suggest to leave it there with them!


Thanks @DustyNothing! I’m definitely going to explore Hand Habits, Field Music, Talking Heads and Linda Perhacs and will revisit that Forest Swords album as well. Glad that you’re enjoying Audacity. The sequencing bit is the fun part for me, trying to get a bunch of disparate tracks to make sense over an album. You definitely nailed it on this one! Thanks again!


@funkycow your mix arrived over the weekend so i’ll get a listen soon!


Thanks @funkycow! I’ve now received your mix and it looks bloody great - both in terms of the artwork and the tracklisting. I don’t know how you do the printing on the CD - are they just CD shaped labels? Looking forward to listening.

All good on the other front too - it’s a bit crazy with two isn’t it, but we’re all slowly settling into a routine. Set my alarm an hour early this morning to make a test mix for road testing, so hopefully I can finally get something out to recipients in the next couple of days.


Guys, I’ve been really slack and behind on this, apologies - @prob500 - your mix arrived ages ago, I haven’t got round to listening, will do very soon!

I am compiling shizzle tonight to be burnt and sorted for tomorrow!

Also, mine will be a combo of nature and the 3 R’s as I was struggling a bit.


Was going to try and make the mix less full on ROCK as most of mine are, but fuck it.


Thanks @Trev, really enjoyed your mix. A lot more in line with my tastes so maybe not lots to discover although in recognizing a lot of the names I didn’t recognize all of the songs.

A prime example of this being the opener from Flaming Lips. I haven’t got anything since Yoshimi. I take it from the production on this one that it’s a later day album? Have I been missing out?

Kate Bush, Stereolab and Malkmus are all firm favourites with me.

Wolf Parade was then next one where I’ve got a few bits and pieces but haven’t heard this song before. Another one off a newer album?

Owen Pallett was an unheard although I think I recognise the name. Is he in or connected to Arcade Fire? I’m not their biggest fan so I think it’s put me off investigating him but this was lovely. Where is best to start with him?

I recommend Fear Of Music on the back of including a Talking Head song in my mix (The Book I Read as I went down the RRR line)

Never heard of Einstürzende Neubauten. From their name I was expecting the track to be a bit of death metal and a bit out of place on the mix. Quite surprised by what I heard. Sort of crackled with tension throughout and although I was disappointed on first listen that it didn’t burst out into an apex I grew to really enjoy the taut pace. Is this reflective of their sound?

From Bjork onwards it’s a very strong run. Huge Bjork fan. Moderat into Actress worked so well and was a nice change of pace. I only own Moderat II so any recommendations on taking them further? Actress is a favourite and I opened my space mix with Ascending.

Party was in my top 3 albums of last year and this song was probably my favourite from it so great call. Seeing her at Green Man and keep a festival crowd in an awed silence for 45 minutes was my live highlight of the year.

The Caribou & Animal Collective tracks made me realise I haven’t dug anything out by them for a while so apart from your mix Milk of Human Kindness and Sung Tongs made up my weekend listening. Both perfect accompaniments to the sunny weather so thanks for the reminder!

Clinic are a band I love. Only really subtle variations between most of their albums but I still hoover them all up.

Deerhunter is one where I’ve got little from their back catalogue but like what I have got. Got some Atlas Sound too and this track sounds a lot more abrasive than anything I have heard by them. Think I preferred it! Think I’ve got the latest 2 albums so guess this pre dates them?

Gun Club was another new on me and a real favourite. What a voice and I loved the slide guitar. Where do I start with these guys?

Very strong finish with probably my absolute favourite Smog song and an old favourite from Mercury Rev. Another one I haven’t listened to in a long time so will rectify that over the weekend.

So yeah thanks again, pretty sure this is a mix that will get repeated spins!


I want more ROCK in the mixes I get, never really received a rocky one.

I’ll also add my apologies @Prob500, I will do some feedback for you this weekend honest guv!


Thanks for the really generous feedback @DustyNothing… I’m delighted you enjoyed it.

That Lips track is from The Terror, which is really under rated imo. One of the best things they’ve done. They’ve been hit and miss for a long time, but Embyonic is also worth checking out.

The Owen Pallet track is from In Conflict, which is excellent. I haven’t investigated him further, though I should. Saw him supporting the National a few years ago and he was excellent.

Talking Heads were quite something else and Fear Of Music is close to being an all time top 10 for me.

That Wolf Parade song is from Expo 86, their 3rd album. They probably peaked with their debut but everything they’ve done is well worth hearing and they have lots of interesting side projects too.

Einsturzende are more well known as experimental industrial, so Blume is definitely an outlier. I love that song which I first heard a few years ago on an Anita Lane compilation. I haven’t delved deeply into their catalog, but their main main Blixa Bargeld was a long time Bad Seed And is an all round bona fide legend

All 3 Moderat albums are really good. I’d personally rank the 2nd as my favourite, if you haven’t checked out Apparat then he’s well worth investigating on his own also. This song is from their latest.

Party is such a great album. I can imagine her being quite something live and hope to see her first chance I get. At one point I had about at least 6 acoustic guitar folk type songs but had to remove them as the mix was far too one dimensional, Aldous was the only survivor of the acoustic cull.

Gun Club were so great… 2 essential albums to start with are Fire Of Love and Miami.

The Deerhunter song is from Cryptograms, their 2nd album. If you like this, i’d also check out Microcastle.

That version of I Break Horses is great isn’t? Lots of Bill Callahan/Smog chat on the Drag City thread atm, which put this in mind when compiling the mixtape.

Fair play to you for finishing the 3 R’s… I made a half arsed start at it but Nature ended being a much safer option.

Thanks again for your feedback, really appreciate it!


Thanks @Trev for an interesting, varied and very listenable mix! Some good new stuff and some familiar favourites.

Flaming Lips is a great starter. I’m from the “preferred their earlier stuff” brigade (specifically the run from Hit to Death to Clouds Taste Metallic) but it looks from your comments above that I should definitely investigate The Terror!

In the cases of both Kate Bush and Talking Heads, I really need to explore their stuff further (I can’t for the life of me think why I haven’t)? Love Stereolab, recently got Serene Velocity which is a great comp of their prime stuff (Crest being a favourite). Despite being a Pavement fan, I’ve never gelled with any post-Pavement Malkmus releases, and while this is fairly pleasant, it hasn’t persuaded me I’m missing some. I don’t know much Wolf Parade, and while the vocals are quite jolly it almost sounds like an Interpol pastiche.

The next stretch of the mix is the most interesting for me. Owen Pallett sounds a lot like Rufus Wainwright (to me), and I really like it. I remember seeing Owen Pallett threads appear but never investigating. Where should I start? The Einsturzende Neubauten track is fantastic, possibly my favourite from all three mixes. The combination of breathy French vocals, sarcasm and discordant backing is unbeatable really (like Nouvelle Vague after a really BAD day) - looks like it’s atypical though given your reply to @DustyNothing. Really enjoyed Moderat into Actress, I’m a big fan of I and II, but never pursued III. How does it stand up to the previous albums?

I was surprised that Caribou was Caribou and not something older. I have his Manitoba album and never reallt bothered to listen, but this is super funky and sounds like it should be on a David Holmes soundtrack. I like a bit of Animal Collective, and this is no different really. I enjoyed Internal Wrangler at the time, and the Clinic track was good. Familiar with Deerhunter and again, a good track. While I have Knock Knock, I hadn’t heard I Break Horses and I thought it would have been a brilliant way to close the mix. That said, I can see why you went with the symmetry of closing out with Mercury Rev when opening with Flaming Lips - really went off MR after Deserters Songs, not least because songs like this one remind me of Kermit singing in one of the Muppet movies. Probably just me…

Thanks again, I really did enjoy the whole mix, and it bears up well to repeated listens - it’s also given me a few more albums to explore, so much obliged!


Hi @Prob500, huge apologies for the very tardy feedback.

To be honest I’ve been putting it off a bit as unfortunately this time your mix didn’t really click with me, it started out really nicely with the L. Pierre track (who I had no idea was Aidan Moffat) but the second track I really didn’t like, that sort of jazz noodling drives me up the wall! (the later version of it that closes the disc was better, but not by much! :wink:)

I only have one Gallon Drunk album, their most recent one from 2014 and at the time I thought I should investigate more as I’ve been aware of them for years but I’m yet to do so and to be honest this one didn’t make me think I should hurry to do so.

The Herman Düne and Julien Baker tracks were nice and I liked the High Plains track but it wasn’t until Inter Arma that I thought “Ah, this is more like it!” (turns out I have the album, need to give it a better listen obviously!), unfortunately we were pretty much at the end of the mix by then.

Sorry I couldn’t be more positive, I hate giving negative feedback as I know the care and effort that goes into these CDs, but I guess sometimes things just don’t fall right.


No worries, thanks for the feedback. The inter arma track was actually one of the last to make the cut - I’ve dialled the rock right down on more recent comps as more +/ve feedback tended to come for the quieter stuff from ones I sent. But like you i’d be delighted with a balls out RAWK comp (which I maybe should have gone for with you and @shucks as my recipients).


Hi @maggieloveshopey – thanks for a challenging and alternately heavy and heavenly mix! It was something of a mixed bag for me, mainly because I really struggle with metal, but at the same time there were some definite follow ups for me to pursue. First of all for the things I know – Be Good Tanyas are a firm favourite, Down By The River is an absolute classic tune and one of my favourite long tracks (so great choice!) and I was a big fan of No Protection in the day.

Of the stuff I’m not familiar with, I struggled with Panopticon at first, but I’ve previously been comfortable with the likes of Deafheaven and Stara Rzeka so it is growing on me. Ditto No Spill Blood (though it “has a good beat”). The Voice Of The Seven Thunders, despite being psych-y in feel (again, a genre I don’t seek out) was actually pretty enjoyable after a few listens. I enjoyed Kyuss more than I thought I would…

The last third of the mix is the most successful for me, I know of Plaid as “what The Black Dog did next” but have never bothered to listen to them. This was a good track, if not as good as Black Dog’s output. I enjoyed both Films and Studio which flow into one another well, the latter being my favourite on the mix. I love tracks that build and develop over a long runtime, and this was very enjoyable from start to finish. The run from this into The Deacon (another artists I know nothing about) was terrific and the closing track (not listed) was a great way to finish the mix (who is it?)

While I enjoyed the ‘safety’ of the other two mixes, it is always good to have your ears opened to genres you wouldn’t normally listen to, and this is surely one of the points of mixtape club!?


Thanks for your feedback @funkycow . Glad you enjoyed it :grinning:

Heartily recommend giving Talking Heads & Kate Bush a try. Both have very rich & quite varied back catalogs with some stone cold classics. I’d recommend starting with Remain In Light/Fear Of Music & Hounds Of Love and there’s plenty of more good ones to enjoy from there.

Wolf Parade are pretty great… I missed them when they were first active, but came around when one of the songwriters had a side proect with Briit Daniel of Spoon (Divine Fits) which I quite enjoyed. The 1st Wolf Parade album, Apologies to the Queen Mary is well worth trying… they’re much better than Interpol pastiche.

I only have Owen Pallett’s last album, In Conflict, which this sing is taken from. Well worth checking the album out & I’m glad the feedback on this track has been positive as it’s giving me a reminder to check his other stuff out too.

The Einsturzende Neubauten track is so good isn’t it… there’s actually 3 versions on the studio album that’s from in French, English & Japanese. The album is Tabula Rosa.

Moderat III is really good, but imo not quite at the same standard of the earlier albums. It hasn’t stuck with me for as long. However, still worth spending some time with.

I’ve been meaning to check out Manitoba - I see Caribou have concerts lined up later this summer so hopefully that will mean new music. This track is less dance/more psychedelic - but really enjoyable.

Found this hilarious & kind of true

I went off Mercury Rev a for a few years also, but just saw them play a small venue near me so I’ve been revisiting their stuff ahead of the show. They were great! You’re right I placed this at the end as a lazy nod to the start of the mix :slight_smile:

I Break Horses is surely one of Bill Callahan’s greatest songs. I love this version which you can find on Accumulation: None, a B-Sides/rarities collection. If you’ve only heard Knock Knock, then there’s a whole world of amazing Smog/Bill Callahan out there.

Thanks again for your detailed feedback!


I was thinking of your mix today when I listened to a 90s US indie mix I did a year or two back. I’d picked Car Wash Hair for the Mercury Rev track as it has a lovely lazy swoon to it - Frittering or something is probably one of my favourites of theirs but doesn’t really fit on a ‘pop-ish’ mix like that. It’s amazing how much they changed over the course of a few albums. Thanks for not being offended about Kermit!

I’m not sure why I haven’t explored Bill Callahan’s stuff further and I certainly will do - thanks also for the tips on Talking Heads and Kate Bush - there’s always the temptation to go for a ‘greatest hits’ but it’s much better to go for an album proper, so I’ll do that.

Thanks again!


@bornin69x @Trev and @LastAstronaut - your mixes went in the post this evening, you should get them at the weekend hopefully! I fucked up the cover as half of the mix is RRR and the other Nature, but I’ve included a comedy post it note to make up for it. Yes. Enjoy.


No artwork is complete without one :slight_smile:
Looking forward to hearing it