RRRNature ... CD swap v9


Thanks for all the recommendations @Trev

It’s helped pique my interest in the Flaming Lips again and I got a bit excited when I saw they are headlining the Kaleidoscope Festival just round the corner from me only to discover it’s the day I go on holiday!

I don’t know why I stopped with Wolf Parade with At Mount Zoomer. I also picked up that Divine Fits album you mentioned and really enjoyed it. Maybe Expo 86 clashed with a lot of releases at that time and it just slipped me by.

Ah I didn’t know Einsturzende contained a Bad Seed. Will definitely do a little exploring.

Highly recommend you go and see Aldous Harding. One of those you can’t take your eyes off for the whole set.

Have given Miami and both Deerhunter albums a spin and they are fantastic especially Miami. I’ll be adding them to my collection when funds allow.

I used to be so obsessive over acts I liked and I had to buy everything they ever put out. I think that’s died down a bit as my tastes have widened and my bank balance hasn’t allowed it but Bill is one where it’s stood true. I was really hoping he’d play this when I saw him at the tiny Hoxton Hall last year. Unfortunately he didn’t but it was still a great night.

I remember us doing a Nature one on here a few years back so thought I’d go for the other option. I thought I might I might be scrapping the barrel a bit with some tenuous RRR links but I was quite happy with how it turned out in the end!


cheers! That Studio album is one of the great lost classics. It really is tremendous, glad people seem to be liking it.

The Deacon is an Underground Resistance artist. The track on the mix is the only one of his I have, from the Interstellar Fugitives 2 compilation. As is normal with UR, I know nothing about him(?) at all. The secret hidden track on the end is another New Model Army song. It felt like cheating to list it when there was already an NMA track on the mix, but it was so appropriate I snuck it in anyway. Plus it helps end the mix on a massive downer, which is always nice.


Sorry folks, I’ve had a complete mare this mix round! Was hoping to have finally got my mixes out and first feedback at the beginning of the week…then a lorry ploughed into my car as I was driving home and turned the week upside down.

Anyway, mixes finally burned this evening and hopefully in the post tomorrow. Apologies again - I think it’s a good mix this time around, so hopefully worth the wait.


CD was here when I got home just now, cheers, will give it a spin this weekend!

Looks ace, RFTC, J5, Clutch, Black Moth, Atomic Bitchwax! Good stuff! The rest are pretty unfamiliar so looking forward to checking them out!


I have been similarly rubbish this time round. I have mixes for @Icarus-Smicarus, @Shucks and @Prob500 almost complete, but can’t seem to find the time to finalise them. I’ll try and get them out this weekend.

I’ve received two of my mixes so far, and haven’t even acknowledged receiving them… I have been enjoying them though, so I’ll try to find some time this weekend to put in some feedback.


forgive my lateness as well, the CDs have been sitting there ripped for a while and i haven’t got round to printing the flippin artwork. gonna sort that in the next couple of days though and get em sent out first class


I appreciate we’re very much in the midst of this thread, but wondered if it was worth banding about some ‘refresh’ ideas…

  1. Regional mix - pick the region you live in, or a region you like, and produce a mix for that country / region (e.g. northwest England, whatever) reflecting the strength of music in that area

  2. A Day In The Life mix - produce a mix that describes your typical day (or your best day) and says a little about yourself (if you like)

  3. Feelings mix - produce a mix that describes how you feel now, the things on your mind, that sort of thing - a bit like a social board mix for the music board (get it out, go on, you know you want to)

  4. A My Life Story mix - make a mix that represents your musical journey to-date, and how your tastes have evolved with time (interesting to see how we’ve all developed or not)

  5. Desert Island mix - you can take one mix cd of tunes with you to a desert island where a discman and a solar rechargeable power source is available - what couldn’t you leave behind (could lead a to many discs of killer tunes)

  6. Genre pick and mix - pick a genre or two you want to be introduced to but won’t commit the time / money to investigating and another DiSer will volunteer to compile one for you (could be educational)

Maybe these would be more interesting than just picking a theme and seeing what itunes (or whatever) returns as song titles (if that’s the lazy arsed way you do mixes, like me)…


Some great ideas here @funkycow
Would personally love to receive some genre specific mixes.
Might be a way to coax a few extra users into the pool as well.


Yeah, perhaps asking the Social Board to produce some mixes on whatever they do (selfies, bike wanking, toothbrushes) might generate some interesting stuff.


Actually, thinking about it, it would be good to post ‘invites’ from the rolling genre threads to this one, to see if anyone wants to have a go at a rolling hip-hop / shoegaze / ambient mix, for our education and that.


Thanks @funkycow . I think the current format has ran its course so some great ideas for rebooting.

Another possibility could be a tweak on number 6 where participants to post up suggestions of comps they’d be happy to do (genre or theme specific) and those who were interested could take their pick. Not sure how we could ensure an equitable give-receive ratio with this though (or whether that’s even necessary) as some ideas are obviously going to be more popular than others. But the free reign on theme may engage more punters (or we may just have to accept that making a CD and sticking it in a Jiffy bag is a very niche pursuit in 2018).

Keen to hear other ideas, (not only) but particularly from those who haven’t taken part who may be interested.


I can see that probably is the case, but we could also use mixcloud (as some of us do) as an alternative media for mixes. It’s on my long term plan to get all mine up there, but tbh, it’s actually harder work to do that than print out some art and burn a cd!


Think using Mixcloud is a great option for wider sharing & keeping back-ups, but I’d be pretty sad if we gave up on sending out the mix cd’s. The personal touch of receiving a disc in the letter box is so lovely - for me probably the best thing on the DIS community.


Completely agree. I’m happy to carry on even if the pool of recipients remains similar to now. One of these days @Shucks will win me over…


I like 4+5 - not sure I could do much with Regional and I agree with @Trev that we might end up with lots of people who know Alt-Country or Black Metal but not many candidates who could curate a good Lovers Rock or Dancehall compilation.


quite like this, i’m always sneaking various Irish recommendations into my mixes


Hi @dustynothing. Firstly thanks and well done for rising to the challenge of the three Rs and producing such an interesting and engaging mix from the topic. A challenge I completely balked at myself!

A few familiar things on here which I enjoyed (Talking Heads are always welcome & Broadcast were a good kick off), I haven’t played my copy of 3 EPs in years, so was good to listen back to some early Beta Band, This is the Kit were one of 2017’s highlights, and ‘Engine Driver’ is one of The Decemberists’ best. For me their songs tend to be either great or irritating with little inbetween - this one’s firmly great.

The Arthur Russell track was fun – it struck me as jarringly MOR initially, but I warmed to it after a few plays and wound up really enjoying it.

The three best discoveries for me were:
Pinback who I’d never heard of, but were excellent and I see they’ve been going for years (any recommendations for further exploration?). Loved that slinky groove.
Forest Swords who I think I might have streamed their album last year a few times without really noticing. This track is terrific and they’re now on my to buy list, so thanks for that!
Hand Habits who reminded me of Whyte Horses in all kind of good ways.

The maybes were Built to Spill and Mclusky - I know both are kind of DiSsy bands. Built to Spill should be firmly in my 90s American indie wheelhouse, but I always find myself wishing they sounded a bit looser and scruffier? I don’t know if they have a classic entry point which is worth investigating? Likewise Mclusky have always passed me by a bit – they sound fine I guess, but for some reason they never quite hook me. I’d add FKA Twigs to the maybe pile too - I did like some elements, but she was a bit warbly in parts. I think I need to hear a full album to decide on her.

There were only a few misses for me.
Marnie Stern and Micachu & The Shapes – both have a kind of casio keyboard indie pop sound that I’ve never really liked.
Field Music – I bought an album of theirs a few years back and found it a little sterile sounding – they still sound like that to me now.

The whole mix hung together really well, I really enjoyed listening and some nice avenues for further exploration. Thanks again!


I like the regional idea one. Have been thinking of a mix of either Danish music, or Portland, Oregan music. Not that I’m from either place, but seem to like lots of musicians from both.


I like the idea of the regional one too.

I’ll be returning for the next swap having been dumped with a shedload of responsibilities at work and home during and after Christmas. Apologies to all those I owe responses to from 2017, always appreciate your time and effort to make the mixes, I could just never get the time during that period to sit down and get my head round writing responses to all of them.

As a fan of mixcloud I still prefer receiving them via CD, nothing like a wee bit of excitement when a package drops through your letterbox and also handy to play on the commute to work.


Hi @woweezowee , thanks for the kind feedback and really glad you enjoyed the mix. Having done a nature one a few years back and then a few seasonal ones where I felt there was bit of an overlap I thought I’d take on RRR for something different. Surprised at how many I had in my original draft although nearly all were book related. To make it a bit more varied It meant I had to stick a couple in that I wasn’t that keen on myself with the main one being Micachu & The Shapes so I’m not surprised you didn’t really take to that one.

I would start with the self-titled Debut Pinback album. An old band mate brought it back along with a pile of other unknowns after a years studying out in Canada. This was the one we played the most and unsuccessfully tried to imitate!

The Forest Swords track is taken from his second album – Compassion – which was critically acclaimed as a step up from his debut Engravings although I felt I connected more with that one. You can’t really go wrong with either though.

Really glad the Hand Habits track has gone down so well. Her only album to date – Wildly Idle – ended up in my top 3 for 2017. A really lovely intimate record mainly all played and recorded by herself in her apartment. I highly recommend it.

I see there is currently a thread on Built To Spill where their best album is being debated and the general consensuses seems to be that it’s between Keep It Like A Secret & Perfect From Now On. Personally I would go with Keep It Like A Secret which Carry The Zero is from. I get what you mean they are a bit more straight forward than their contemporaries. They don’t have the playfulness of Pavement or maybe the experimentation of a Yo La Tengo or Sonic Youth but I’m a real sucker for that period and think they definitely have a place.

I don’t think I have the same level of love as others on here for Mclusky but I do think Mclusky Do Dallas is a fun album. I do find a lot their tracks suit these mixes well but I don’t know if that’s the greatest endorsement for taking them any further.

I was initially a bit disappointed in the FKA Twigs album but that might have been because the preceding EP’s were so good. They are handily titled EP1 & EP2. In fact the proceeding EP M3LL155X is also excellent so maybe start with any of them rather than the album.

Thanks again and hope you enjoy exploring further!