RRRNature ... CD swap v9


@woweezowee your mix arrived today, tracklisting looks interesting so I’m looking forward to giving it a spin.

i still owe @funkycow a listen and some feedback for his which i’ll also get onto soon!

and i finally got my own mixes in the post today, sorry for the delay @shucks, @bornin69x and @Prob500 - sent them first class so you should have them for the weekend!


storms out of thread


i’m a big fan but don’t think i made a playlist for them, JaguarPirate made this one though

gonna have to be a purist and disagree with @LastAstronaut a bit because although I quite like the polished late 90s/early 00s stuff, it doesn’t hold a candle to 90s lo-fi GBV for me. I would say the ultimate GBV album is Bee Thousand, it’s lo-fi GBV at their most essential and complete. Alien Lanes and Propeller are other early-ish lo-fi classics that are worth checking out if you enjoy that

or for a sort of midpoint between the lo-fi and hi-fi stuff there’s Under the Bushes Under the Stars from 1996, where they started using a studio instead of home recording but kept it pretty simple and not too glossy (with Kim Deal as one of the producers!)


Also this shorter one since i was bullied into it


100% agree with this


Just got this today - looking forward to giving a listen.


@woweezowee thanks your disc arrived yesterday, looks good. I’ll feedback after I’ve listened to it.


And minutes after I posted that yours dropped through my door too - thanks @Icarus-Smicarus That’s my car listening sorted for the next week.


Yeah, rest assured you did a great job! Thanks for the extra info – I can see myself hoovering up the Forest Swords back catalogue in the coming months & will certainly be hunting down Pinback and Hand Habits too.

I’ll take a look at the Built to Spill thread and give em a second chance maybe – I do love all the bands that they get referenced alongside, so hopefully there’s something in there for me somewhere. Same with FKA Twigs – get the feeling I’ll need to be in the right mood for her stuff. Thanks again man!


Glad my mix arrived safely - apologies for its lateness. I had to buy everything again too as I couldn’t find my mixtape kit - the shop only had CD-RWs in stock, so hopefully they’ll play ok on people’s systems. At least if you really hate the mix, you can repurpose the disc.

Ha. You have to remember they’re a very DiS band and I only came to DiS towards the end of the old forum. I wasn’t really familiar with them prior to that and their back catalogue with all of the related spinoffs looks pretty intimidating.

I’m willing to buy one of their records though and give them a proper go though to see if they click in full album form.


I’m a typical music snob so usually give greatest hits compilations a wide berth, but in McLusky’s case I think there is a good case for startng with McLuskyism (their best-of) which is a superbly structured all-killer no-filler comp of their ‘hits’.

(but if you can’t face starting with a greatest hits … Do Dallas is almost certainly the place to start)


Great, thanks Prob. I was thinking of starting with …Do Dallas as I’m a bit funny about greatest hits compilations too. If I like it and want to work my way through their back catalogue, it’ll knock me too much off kilter to already know a few songs off each of their records and hear them all our sync.


there’s only 3 Mclusky albums anyway and i wouldn’t really bother with the debut unless you find yourself hooked on the others.

i’d second Mclusky Do Dallas as a starting point, endlessly catchy riffs, hilarious lyrics and consistently great. my favourite is The Difference Between Me & You… which is dirtier and nastier but not as immediate.

then of course you’ve got all the FOTL and Christian Fitness records…


@LastAstronaut, @trev, @maggieloveshopey - your mixes are in the post. Sorry for the unforgivably long delay. Just got caught up with other things.

Everyone else seems to have chosen the nature theme but I was a bit uninspired by that and have taken the first two Rs of RRR to do a mix about reading, writing, books and writers. I’m sure none of the literary references will pass you by, but if they do I’ll be happy to help!