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Oh and on Deerhunter, there’s currently a cracking thread on the music board on deerhunter seems there’s new material on the way :slight_smile:
I think Halcyon Digest is a great entry point. It’s where I started. Cryptograms which Lake Somerset is on, has some absolute belters and Microcastle is fantastic too. But in fairness, they’re a phenomenal band and everything i’ve Heard by them has been excellent.


His He Poos Clouds album is my favourite of his either under his own name or as Final Fantasy. Don’t worry about the woeful album name, it’s wonderful.


Hi @bornin69x, first off huge apologies for the lateness of this feedback on your mix. I’ve been meaning to do it for ages now but life and laziness got in the way.

Fair play to you for sticking with the 3 Rs theme for the whole disc, it seemed the harder of the two when I did mine so kudos for coming up with such a cohesive mix.

Other than the singles I know very little Dexy’s. I was at secondary school when Come On Eileen was bloody everywhere and I grew to dislike it intensely so never pursued them any further!

For some reason Echo & The Bunnymen largely passed me by as well, I think I was a bit young at their peak and was into far more mainstream (read ‘poor’) tastes. I often think I should at least check out some of their stuff other than the singles that I know, what album do you recommend?

I love early Cure, I remember having the “Staring at the Sea” compilation on repeat in my car when I was around 17/18. Despite loving it I’d always been slightly uncomfortable about this one until some years later when I learned of its Camus literary connection!

Broadcast are a band I always feel I should get to know more, but for various reasons never seem to get around to, what’s a good starting point, Tender Buttons? Or should I just start from the beginning?

There are very few genres that I cannot find something to enjoy in but for some reason reggae has never ticked any boxes for me even if herbally assisted! So unfortunately the Hugh Mundell and The Heptones tracks failed to grab me.

Le Tigre feel like a band I should have heard of before, looking at when they were active I thought I might have seen a fair bit on them on MTV2 that I was watching a lot of at the time!

For me, like The Beatles, Bowie is/was one of those artists that I fully respect for their history and influences on acts that followed but have never actually done anything for me in terms of listening enjoyment. Sorry for the blasphemy :wink:

All in all your mix, as these swaps often do, got me hearing stuff I would not normally listen to and although it may not have contained anything that totally rocked my world had enough gems for me to return now and again and to look into investigating a couple of bands that I really should know more about.

Thanks as always for your efforts.


Liking the sound of this description v much - thanks for the extra info. First post exchange bounty just arrivedso looking forward to exploring. It’s the most low key record imaginable isn’t it - even the inlay is just that stock text you get with blank CDs:

Last feedback from the mixes received hopefully being posted this weekend.


Brilliant! Hope you like it


Hi @woweezowee finally some feedback on your great nature disc.


Kronos Quartet … one of those bands that I pretty much always like what I hear and always seem to have been around, but it’s the usual intimidating back catalogue that prevents me going further. I actually did try and make a start earlier this year and got the recent album they did with Laurie Anderson - still undecided how much I like it (although it may be more Laurie Anderson’s influence rather than them I’m undecided on). Any pointers?

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith … I picked up the album this song as from a couple of years ago and did enjoy it, so your disc has prompted me to also pick up her new one. I see she has a few albums released prior to EARS - have you explored them, and if so are they worth exploring?

Dakota Suite … Now, this one is a real blast from the past. I remember picking up their early records and greatly enjoying them, but for some inexplicable reason never following them up when they started releasing albums. And looking at discogs … blimey they’ve been busy for the last 20 years haven’t they? (looks like I’ve got their first 3 EPs from '96 and '97, I reckon even though I haven’t listened to them for most of that 20 years I could do a passable karaoke of Wintersong, so they obviously did leave a decent and lasting impression on me). So, if I’m going to pull my finger out and start again with them what what would you recommend?

And that Pantha Du Prince song is a great banger, I’m not really familiar with his stuff, is it in a similar vein? (must explore more if so).

A few things which didn’t really do it for me.

Brambles … Tried really hard to keep on top of the ambient/drone listening club choices, i mainly failed due to lack of time to listen to them all, but this is one choice which I did manage to dedicate enough time to, and I must admit I don’t think it will endure in my listening collection as I ultimately found it a bit unassuming.

Tortoise … I’ve tried really hard with Tortoise as should be something I enjoy given what I read. But I just find them musically very competent but pretty soulless, afraid your choice didn’t help me change that opinion.

Public Service Broadcasting … pretty bored with their thing nowadays.

But otherwise all good, cheers!


Hi @prob500, thanks for the nice feedback – I’m glad you enjoyed the mix.

Kronos Quartet – yeah, their back catalogue is huge and incredibly diverse. I’m by no means familiar with all of it and to some degree it depends on what you’re in the mood for at any given time, but a few interesting (imo) pointers from those I know would be:
Pieces of Africa - one of their more world music oriented albums. The pieces are written by African composers specifically for the album, so it works and feels cohesive rather than an appropriation or just bolting on a string quartet.
The Fountain soundtrack – collaboration with Clint Mansell and Mogwai. Probably the most epic and post rock sounding I’ve heard from them. Quite an immersive album I think.
The Laurie Anderson one from this year you’ve already mentioned – yeah, I think it’s decent in the right frame of mind. It’s quite theatrical in parts, so you need to be in the mood for it.
Floodplain - Another one of their more world music ones with the pieces mainly drawn from Balkan and Middle eastern composers. I think it’s a great concept for a record and there’s some good work on here – some with vocals on though too and classical music with vocals never does anything for me.

…and then there are a couple of their more modern classical type records like Sunrise of the Planetary Dream Collector composed by Terry Riley which is a bit new age-y and has some clever compositional thing that I don’t really understand (I think there are various parts to the score which each player is free to chop and choose between throughout). Finally a record of music composed by Aaron Dessner of The National which is all a bit nervy and twitchy. Another interesting record, but not one to listen to if you’re already feeling a bit edgy.

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith – the only one I’ve hear of hers prior to Ears is called Euclid. It starts off quite well, but the latter half of the album is a of short, unstructured synth pieces which I don’t find very engaging. Not sure whether that’s indicative of her early sound – I like all the textures on her more recent work, so don’t know if I’d dive back much earlier.

Dakota Suite – again, I in no way know their back catalogue exhaustively and their work can be a bit one paced at times to really get immersed in. Glad it stirred some memories though – the song on the mix is taken from This River Brings Only Poison which I think is full of interesting instrumentation and I quite like (again, when I’m in the mood for) – it’s maybe a bit of a mixture of Hood and Red House Painters? I’ve listened to _Signal Hill_from (I think) the same period too, which sounded pretty good. The more recent stuff hasn’t grabbed me – a bit more of a jazzy piano led style and some more experimental discordant sounding stuff from what I’ve heard.

Pantha du Prince – yeah, I think Black Noise is an excellent record. Well worth exploring further if you liked the track on the mix!

Tortoise – I’m a bit ambivalent about them too. TNT which this song was taken from is their peak for me and am a big fan of the on the mix - but I do often find them a bit soulless. I was bored out of my mind seeing them live and the records the followed this up with were unlistenable to me (some horrendous overproduced musowank in parts), so if this selection at the more organic end of their spectrum isn’t grabbing you, I wouldn’t trouble them any further.

Thanks again :slight smile:


Hi @funkycow, some much delayed feedback on your mix. Apologies for how long it’s taken me, but this is partly down to not knowing where to start on a really excellent mix. From start to finish I enjoyed the whole CD – definitely one of my favourites across the rounds of exchanges.

To start - I had it in my head that I wouldn’t really like XTC given what little I know of them. I’ve always thought of them as a band pushing a new wave style that doesn’t do much to me…and I did struggle with the vocals a bit. The arrangement is so striking though that it kind of won me over eventually. I’m a bit more conflicted about them now. What’s your take on them?

Some beautiful folk selections on here I want to hear more of - the Jesca Hoop song was great (though I wish it didn’t have that ‘computer says no’ lyric as it’s a phrase that I’d quite happily never hear again); Rozi Plain & Rachael Dadd too. Any pointers for these?

I was a fan of This Is The Kit’s last record, but hadn’t heard anything previous, so it was reassuring to hear they were still good even before that. Martha Wainwright was the first gig my wife and I went to together, so anything off that record is always welcome.

These songs worked well interspersed with the more experimental/organic/ambient selections - and this was something I really liked about the mix – it had this beautifully woozy, unhurried kind of quality. All the songs felt like they had the space and time to unfurl at their own pace. The run of tracks from Bibio to Jefre Cantu-Ledesma is sublime - lots of new discoveries here:

Bibio – I enjoyed his Mineral Love album from a couple of years ago, but don’t really know much more
Amon Tobin worked beautifully next to the Duke Ellington track and the Hexlove/Falouah & J C-L ones were excellent too.
Epic45 is the kind of inconspicuous bandname that I would probably never have given a second glance to, but I’m glad you forced my hand here. That was great.

Any further recommendations on any of these?

Tamaryn were a late highlight too (of those I wasn’t already familiar with) – I’d like to hear more of them.

So, in short, please tell me more every song on this mix…

You hit a real sweet spot for me on this theme and I think I’ll be exploring offshoots from it for a good while to come. Thanks tons for the effort you put into making!


This is a great idea. Been looking for a mix cd swap for quite some time


Anyone else itching for another round?


Definitely itching for another round…though @woweezowee’s feedback (I’ll reply later today!) was the first I’d had on the last mix. Been doing other mixes to keep myself busy!


Thanks for the lovely feedback @woweezowee (I know you’ve had your hands full, and I assume you still do!). I was definitely happy with this mix, one of my better ones, so glad you enjoyed it. I’ll list out recommendations based on your comments above (in order of my preference / knowledge!)…

Rozi Plain, Rachael Dadd and This Is The Kit are all part of a similar scene, with Rozi Plain playing bass in This Is The Kit and RP and RD having released split singles together. RP’s Marshes was from a remix LP and was her opening track at a live set on the Cley Marshes (first gig I took my two girls to). Her albums are all great, slowly changing from more traditional folk to folk with electronica across her three releases - I’d recommend starting with Joined Sometimes Unjoined and then follow up from there - they’re all good. Both Bashed Out and Wriggle Out The Wrestless are fine records by This Is The Kit, though I think Moonshine Freeze is definitely their strongest. Rachael Dadd has released a bunch of stuff through bandcamp, and seems to be criminally ignored. Start with We Resonate (though the track I picked is from Bite The Mountain), which is IMO equal to both Moonshine Freeze and Joined Sometimes Unjoined. They’re all quite different records too.

Of the more experimental bits, Jefre Cantu-Ledesma has done some great moderately abrasive drone, and I’d go with Love Is A Stream to start. He went shoegaze for On The Echoing Green, and it was pretty good. The track on this mix was from the former. I’ve been getting into Bibio, so I’m no expert, but it sounds like he moved from folk to ambient. Phantom Brickworks was last year’s LP which I’ve been really enjoying - the track I’ve put on is from Vignetting The Compost.

I know what you mean about Epic45, but they’ve done loads over the last 15 years or so. The track I put on is from May Your Heart Be The Map which is 46 (not 45) minutes of bucolic electronica - it was the only one of theirs that made it into mainstream end of year lists to my knowledge. Really expensive on CD too.

Tamaryn are a firm favourite of mine, The Waves is a modern shoegaze classic blending the skyscraping guitars of early Verve with female vocals - it’s 40 minutes of bliss and one of my favourite albums of the last ten years. Also I cannot recommend Eagle/Deer strongly enough, it’s an amazing mix of desert folk / rock with definite hints of William Tyler ambience in there - I can’t remember which DiSer put it on a mix for me, but again, it’s one of my top albums of the last few years. Jesca Hoop’s album is also a highlight from last year.

I’m assuming you need no intro to Yo La Tengo, so I won’t provide one!

Thanks again for your feedback, it’s much appreciated!

PS I would get some listens to Martha Wainwright in while your new arrival can’t understand the words to Bloody Mother F*cking Asshole. No amount of coughing can disguise that one for our children!!!


I loved (and still do - I’m now listening to it for the first time in ages) their last album, Weathering. Absolutely lovely album. Plus it has Stephen Jones from Babybird singing on a song or two, which is also nice.
It looks like I’ve also downloaded a couple of their other albums from eMusic, but not sure I’ve ever really listened to them much. They finally have a new album coming out in September, which I’ll definitely be checking out!

Anyhow, @woweezowee, check out their album Weathering!


oh god i completely forgot about my feedback for this, put the CDs away on a shelf and forgot. sorry lads, i will absolutely give some feedback this week!


some very very delayed feedback for @bornin69x’s mix. I can only apologise for the length of time it’s taken me to get this out to you. Well done on sticking to the books theme. I think I made the connection for all of them, but I’d never have got Logan’s Run if you hadn’t blabbed. I would quite like to live in your cover art.

A fair bit of the mix is, shall we say, “vintage”, but then again so am I, so I definitely appreciated hearing the likes of The Cure and the Bunnymen again. I don’t recognise The Clientele at all, but this was one of my favourites on the disc. Any pointers on where to investigate further? Nice to have a couple of reggae tunes. The Heptones one on particular was really good, lovely harmonies. The best discoveries were the John Cale track (obviously I know who John Cale is, but I’ve never gone into his solo stuff and I didn’t expect it to be like this at all. Also I drove through Chipping Sodbury this afternoon, which prompted me to dust off this appallingly late feedback), the aforementioned Clientele, and Christine & The Queens. Yes, I know they’ve been everywhere and are one of the bestselling acts of the last couple of years but I’d always dismissed them as Q / Jools pap and not really given them a chance - really liked this track though. The Lucksmiths are another act completely new to me that I enjoyed - again, any pointers on where to go next? The closest you got to a full on miss was the Joanna Newsom track. I tried when Ys came out, I really did, but at this point it’s never going to happen between us. It’s not me, it’s her.

So thanks for this, there was a lot of stuff that I wouldn’t necessarily have chosen to listen to, but enjoyed anyway. Which is kind of the point of the exercise, isn’t it? And sorry sorry sorry once again for the tardy reply.



enjoyed your mix a lot. there’s a few artists here i’m familiar with but not many of the actual inclusions (although the Palace Music almost made the cut for my mix but missed out in the end). i like Tortoise but i’ve only ever got round to the first 2 albums, have never got round to TNT even though i know it’s very highly regarded. this was a useful reminder to give it a listen and it sounds promising from this track. i also love Bakesale by Sebadoh but have listened to very little else by them, this wasn’t the fuzzy indie rock i anticipated but i want to hear more from this one.

i enjoyed the flow of the mix a lot, from quiet, pastoral and atmospheric beginnings through to eventually taking in different things without any jarring transitions. the Lambchop track was good too and i want to investigate further. only really know Kronos Quartet from their Dark Was The Night cover on the comp of the same name but that was lovely too.

couple of people i’ve never heard of were standouts - Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith and particularly Arms. the latter appears to be a very recent release so one to add to my 2018 albums to check out, and it flowed into Doves really well. i had a passing interest in Doves in the early to mid 00s but never listened to Kingdom of Rust, this sounded pretty decent actually.

i liked Public Service Broadcasting’s first album at the time though didn’t keep up with them much after, and i mentioned in another thread recently how i often like the idea of them more than the end result. i did catch up with their catalogue in advance of seeing them at the BBC Biggest Weekend the other month and they definitely have some standouts. the ambience and eventual build of this track works well.

Pantha Du Prince was also a standout who i need to check out more of. Calexico have been a blind spot for a while too, i’ve always meant to investigate them off the back of the Iron & Wine collaboration but have never got round to it properly. enjoyed this track, is there a particular starting album you’d recommend?

not every track reeled me in on an individual basis but i thought they all worked very well together for a great and very natural flow making a satisfying whole. thanks, and sorry again but the massive feedback delay!


I’m just going to jump in and say have a listen to their Feast Of Wire album. It’s easily my favourite Calexico album.


Cheers! All advice welcome


Thanks very much for all the pointers - I’ve just ordered the Rozi Plain LP you recommended and there’s plenty of others to keep me going through more than a few paydays. . I can see Rachael Dadd has some physical releases on her website too which is good - not too much a fan of buying downloads.

Cley Marshes sounds like an amazing setting for a gig - great first experience for your girls.

I’ve added the rest of your tips to my spreadsheet. Love the title of the Bibio record btw.

Yo La Tengo - yeah, no introduction needed. I didn’t know this song though, but it was perfect for the mix. I’m guessing it’s from their science themed album I wished I had when doing my CD.

Martha Wainwright - our eldest is already too old for any car listens I’m afraid, unless I can pull off an Adam Buxton Help the Police style cover-up!

@Icarus-Smicarus - thanks for your nice feedback on my mix. Sorry, the last couple of weeks have been hectic - I’ll post a proper reply over the weekend :slight_smile:


Really glad you enjoyed the mix @Icarus-Smicarus and thanks for such nice feedback. I hoped it would hold together and flow well, so good to hear it did.

I had a few potential BPB/Palace choices, but signing off with 'If I could fuck a mountain, lord, I would fuck a mountain…" was too tempting to resist.

On Tortoise - they mostly lost me after this record (I thought the follow up Standards was dreadful), but TNT is excellent. A good halfway house between their post rock and the electronic styles, while still having enough organic sounds to stop things getting too sterile.

The Sebadoh track I included is from their The Sebadoh album which I can heartily recommend. They stepped up the production on this one (in a good way) and so it has all those kind of little experimental flourishes you get from late 90s Domino records. There’s a mix of sweet Lou songs like this one and louder, punkier Loewenstein ones, which works really well.

Lambchop - I’m a big fan of their early records where they pushed the cool southern gothic style and lots of tremelo. If you’re a fan of Will Oldham, Bill Callaghan etc. I can’t imagine you’d be disappointed. What Another Man Spills is great and Thriller (which is usually bundled up with their Hank EP) is very good too. Nixon is a change of pace and a real classic - full of lush arrangements and excellent stories and then Is A Woman is completely different again - very minimalist with mainly just piano, muted acoustic and ambient arrangements. Their stuff becomes a bit less essential for me after that, though still pretty good.

The Arms track was from an album called Kids Aflame - I bought it years ago. No idea where I came across them or anything else about them. It’s a good record though - lo-fi fuzzy indie pop - not sure why I never investigated them any further than that. I’ll check out this year’s release.

Pantha du Prince - get yourself a copy of Black Noise!

Finally, re. Calexico - I’m a bit of an obsessive, so plenty of their back catalogue worth a listen for me. Two good starting points: firstly Feast of Wire as @paulo13 mentions is one of my all time favourites - lots of different styles and influences and great arrangements. Really expansive and cinematic. Secondly, Hot Rail which is the record released before it and is the last time they really pushed the Morricone/Ry Cooder/post rock direction. They started off mainly instrumental and a bit lo-fi in places, then got steadily more full and vocal led as they went on. The selection on here is from one of their tour albums (Aerocalexico), so not exactly essential, but more representative of the Hot Rail era. If you like those and want to investigate further, Carried To Dust is excellent too. They’re pretty great live too, always evolving their arrangements and bringing on board all kinds of collaborators.

Thanks again for the feedback, and I hope you enjoy any of the music you follow up from this :slightly_smiling_face: