RSI pals


Anyone else suffering? I can barely use my right thumb some days and have to keep the downward claw position like mr burns to stop mg wrist hurting sometimes


I have nothing useful to contribute but RSI Pals sounds like a really twee anime series about woodland creatures.


Holy :frowning:

I have no idea why I’ve not (apparently) ever developed the condition given I’ve been working 19 years as a computer programmer and was using computers from the age of about 8.

Anyway sounds very shitty for you JB x


I’ve RSI’ed myself into a ganglion cyst in my right wrist (almost certainly from climbing) which flares up every 6 months and is agony.


I am currently transcribing 20 talks from our conference. They are averaging 3000 words each. So that’s fun.


I’m glad you’ve escaped it! I think it’s more because of my phone use, I type very fast on my phone and quite often :sweat_smile: should have stuck to computers!


Good luck!!


That sounds very painful! What do you do to manage it?


Whack a wrist brace on for 2 or 3 days to immobilise it, pain subsides, then I go back to putting it under massive strain for a few months. Rheumatologist I saw earlier this year was legit fascinated that I had a wrist ganglion - I’m a really rubbish medical marvel in terms of the damage I’ve done to my fingers and wrists…


Is it worth learning to swype on your phone instead of type each character individually?


Aw no! Hope they find a way to improve it! I have the hlab27 gene which I think makes it worse (causes inflammatory conditions like uveitis and psoriasis and rheumatic arthritis) you could ask them to test if they haven’t yet?


Is that like the predicted text? Recently I’ve just been speaking into my phone for long emails :sweat_smile:


yeah my wrists are a painful joke, think it’s cos of pain radiating down from the shoulders though
can’t use normal keyboards anymore so got one of these at work and home



need to keep a health diary cos i’m quite bad at keeping track of what causes it to flare up but I think caffeine might exacerbate it
and using my phone way too much


Sort of… rather than tapping each letter individually, you touch the first letter of the word, then just move your finger across each letter in a swiping motion. Lift your finger when your done. Works on the default Android keyboard these days, but you need to download a new one from the app store if you’re on iOS.

Depending on your particular form of RSI, could be easier as you’re not tapping the screen constantly. Dictation is also good though :slight_smile:


Amazing!! Using it now :smiley:


I have got a bigger mouse that has solve my problems, you can get al sorts of funky equipment these days, side ways mouse , special keyboards ect.
I think your work have to fund it as well though it worth investing even if they don’t.


Hopefully it’s a bit easier on your joints and tendons :slight_smile:


Initially thought the small lump that appeared on my left wrist in early 1994 was a ganglion. As you can all tell from my subsequent lack of lower left arm it wasn’t. :grimacing:

Never had RSI though despite 30 years in IT.