RSPB Badge Game




Birds are just really great, aren’t they


Whatever that bird is, it doesn’t look in a good way.


This reminds yesterday there was a gul with a broken wing on the pavement and is was flapping like crazy whilst two people tried to keep it off the road with an airer :frowning:




It’s an RSPB badge. Nearly bought the snail instead!


Seen as though we are off birds for now. Here’s one I picked whilst being a tourist in Edinburgh


Is it a chaffinch?


Horned chaffinch




Controversial non bird badge.


I believe that is yellow flower.


It’s six yellowhammers eating a lemon fairy cake.


Nowhere else to put this, so I’ll put it here. On my regular visits to the Greenwich ecology park recently I’ve heard a bird song that I couldn’t recognise. On a couple of occasions I’ve manage to get close enough to see it a little bit through trees, but never a proper look. The call was really distinctive and I spent ages listening to the ones on the RSPB website to find out what it was. It was very frustrating.

It’s a greenfinch :smiley:

Phew, finally I can sleep.




Very happy this post is in here tbh.

Really need to up my bird knowledge.


Mate of mine has set up a website which, for a small fee, helps people identify bird calls. It’s a cheep service.




So, as no one has guessed, can you tell us what kind of turtle this is?