RSPB Badge Game


only other kind of duck i can think of (other than ones that i would recognise and know it isn’t) is teal and i’m guessing that they are partly, well, teal




Pochard, I reckon.


Still never seen one of these, must be hanging out in all the wrong places


The only places I’ve seen them is in pubs, oddly.


Well done :bird:


Literally calls it a duck in the first sentence.

I’m not having you claim a diving duck isn’t the same as a duck.

You see?

common name for a large number of species

and in fact if you CTRL+F for ‘diving duck’ you can see this is one of those species as it is discussed in the page.


Yeah but if you were just allowed to say duck for all ducks, geese and swans it wouldn’t be a great game would it now.


You can’t say it for geese and swans mate


Edit nevermind I misread that first sentence in the duck wiki.

I go by the name on the card mate. They are the rules.


Oi! I’m right(finch) too!


There’s pochards on St James’s Park lake in London. Red crested ones too. They are ducks. Geese aren’t ducks. Neither are swans. I’m with @1101010




So are you going to tell us it’s not a bird or an animal either?


Yes, it’s just a badge.


Some people.




badgetit more like.