RSPB Badge Game


That’s a duck that mate.


But what’s its name??




Yeah! Live these little dudes, always pick one up when i see them. I’ve got some more somewhere. Definitely kicked it off with a great tit. See a lit of green woodpeckers in my lunches and obviously red kites are thriving round our way…


It’s not on a surfboard, therefore it’s not a Royal Bird Protecting Surfers bird.


frickin’ bullshit badges


Royal Society for the Protection of Bulls



I think that’s a little owl, a tawny owl, kingfisher, a cuckoo of some sort, a highland cow and erm… dunno about the flying bird.


One at a time!


What bird is that bottom right?


Bottom right: the crested titdebeest


Tina! :+1:


Tina’s mad into her ornithology


:musical_note: You’ll never knoooow, how I watched you from the shadows from a hiiiide :musical_note:


Oh wait, instead of a little owl is that maybe a burrowing owl?


Guys, does anyone know what Tina’s up to?

Feel like we haven’t heard from her in years. Hope she’s ok.


Hanging out in her aviary, probably.


panic over

She’s moving to Switzerland. Or has moved. Or whatever. (not reading it)


EURGH - spent 10 minutes trying to think of a BIRD/TT SONG pun and this is the best I could come up with.

Fuck this.