RSPB Badge Game


almost… the green one is a green woodpecker. I walk round Green Park (a business park outside Reading) on my lunches and often see them scooting above the ground when i startle them. flying one is a red kite.


a greater horned shaggle.


I’ve not got time to drip feed you, I’m pretending to be busy


Ard we still guessing the first one? Is it a little auk? @Unlucky


Nah shrewbie got it, was a razorbill.


Oh i thought you said it wasn’t that. Well done @shrewbie




Okay although now @GEOFF looks like he’s never heard of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds


I’m happy with that.


Finally someone who takes his mod privileges, seriously.

Have you been the dosa/indian place I told you about yet?


Classic Razorbill


Any takers?


Hard to tell from that photo but I’d say peanuts.


sunflower seed hearts. And filth.


Is it just going to steal those pine nuts??!


It is a baby goldfinch. I thinkch.


I like these badges. I wish I had some.


I’m going the shop tomorrow that has them. If you PM me I can you post you a couple.


:heart_eyes: Unlucky, you wonderful man, that would be brilliant. I will PM shortly.


No, sorry. I don’t even recall now, so I clearly failed to note it down. Can you tell me again? :frowning: