RSPB Badge Game




What part of badge don’t you understand Filth?!


Want me to change it to badger?


That’s bloody great. Did you take these?


Sorry I don’t have any. Want some, but don’t have any. Room for everyone though no? If not, then post some more…


Yeah that’s the feeder outside my living room window. There were so many of them on there one day last year that I set my camera up on a tripod and took a load of potluck shots with a really short shutter setting. The way birds actually land on feeders is quite bizarre. They basically drop down, streamlined like a torpedo and then at the last second do a semi backflip and come in feet first.


Awesome. I never knew that. You’ve properly got the little one in torpedo mode.


Nah get your own thread :wink:


I was actually thinking about doing a general nature thread at some point, unless there is one already.


The flying one’s a red kite I think. And the lower owl is a tawny.


Also, willing to send you some badges if you want.


Funny thing is, I took today and tomorrow off work, precisely because I wanted to get out to a reserve, but the weather is too shit. Honestly don’t know why I’ve never bought one.


Thanks to @Unlucky I now have some awesome bird badges :grinning:

Here is the first one if anyone wants to try guess:




Just realised I can join in too!!


Male chaffinch


Barnacle goose?


Yes!!! Good work!


Damnit, I thought it looked like a weird robin :upside_down_face:


Correct! Well, it just said chaffinch but given the colour I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a male.