RSPB Badge Game


Yeah, I think it’s a thrush, too, but not sure which type, either (mistle or song).


Just the impression that @thewarn gets, I think.


It’s weird that the RSPCA operates in Australia but not the RSPB. Otherwise I could probably get a load of badges featuring parrots and bin-divers to show you all.

EDIT Turns out they’re called Birdlife in Australia as that’s the International thingie that the RSPB are part of. And, no, the bin-diving Ibis doesn’t get a look in. Here are 4 of their 10 badges for you to guess:

  1. image
  2. image
  3. image
  4. image

These are all Aussie natives so @ma0sm can confirm they are deadly if cornered.


Puffin! Interesting fact: The puffin’s scientific name is Fratercula but a completely different bird, the Manx Shearwater’s scientific name is Puffinus Puffinus! What are those scientists like eh?!


It is one of those…


Finally found mine. Here we go.


Is that a bee eater?





Never seen that one before.


Bloody love a bee-eater. Top lads.


Bunch of them outside our hut on our honeymoon. I could watch them all day, beautiful swooping bastards.


Not me and Shucks, me and Shucks aren’t married


Here we go then.






Afraid not… Along the right lines though!


Ahem ^^^


Am I the only one who has never seen these before? Where do you get them?




We have a winner.