RSPB Badge Game

I hadn’t seen them until this thread, info is all here:

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Exotic bird edition.

That is not official RSPB merchandise, I’m afraid. I’ve flagged it for the mods.

(No idea on the bird)


Roots and fruits on GWR for me.

I’d say it’s a something green magpie.

(Enjoy your day at the zoo, btw)

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Javan Green Magpie :+1:



I only ever see them at garden centres and RSPB sites. Usually get v. excited when I see a box at the till. @badmanreturns produced a pound coin for me to buy one on Saturday after some frantic and unsuccessful pocket rummaging.

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Fill yer bank holiday boots. :+1:

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Thought “that looks like a Jay, but not quite like a Jay” and turns out I’m right about that. Never seen one of those bad boys.

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Based on the reddish wings - redwing?

Yesss there was a stall outside the botanic gardens. Got a couple of goodies.

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Seems as good a thread as any. Saw a nest of birdies today. Looked like wagtails but with yellow bums. What were they? (No, wasn’t a yellow wagtail, already googled that)

Had a look on the NT place I just visited but nothing…

grey wagtail then, which is also yellow. Wagtails are easy to spot or exclude: they wag their tails, all the time.



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Close… Loads of these as well as redwings this/last winter.

It looks like a finch but i don’t recognise it. Hawfinch (process of elimination)?