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Yellow bum wagtail!!!

Thread for posts that are funnier out of context

Give someone else a chance! (Extremely jealous of your bird knowledge).


Haha, that was literally think of a type of finch that I’ve heard of but don’t know what it looks like


And that’s the real quiz


I was thinking it’s looks a bit yellow in this light, that’ll throw 'em.


Not a finch, I’m afraid - although excellent seasonal knowledge on your part. They travel in big old groups, if that helps?


Took the dog for a walk past that nest today, and can confirm that they are Grey Wagtails. Cute wee things! :bird:




I’ll try a photo tomorrow if I go that way again. Was too busy being distracted by avoiding my mad dog from pulling me into the River Itchen :laughing: If everyone can forget the previous replies, we can have another guessing game!


Oh sorry i think i got my replies mixed up. No idea!


Can’t say farer than that.


^just goes around thinking all birds are some kind of finch and gets it right now and again.


haha, it was just your one i thought was a finch and with the order of replies i got yours and roomba’s confused. but you know, with enough guesses i’m bound to get some right in any case!


Very, very good. Winner…?


I cheated. Just thought this one had been a while so I’d give some hints.


Fare enough


Found a couple more in a coffee shop






Hmm. Black grouse?