Ruby Kitkats




Anyone managed to track these down? Tesco are stocking them appazas.


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Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, Ruby
Kitkat Kitkat Kitkat


Never liked Kit Kats. It’s the wafers. Wafer is only the tiniest step up from cardboard. And would you eat a chocolate bar with cardboard in it?


Will absolutely try these. Obviously.




No sign of them down here but they do have a stack of different flavour combo ones.


nobody buy these obviously.
delete the thread if poss mods


go away smee


goodbye, ruby kitkat tuesday


Apologies for posting that in your thread, but I stand by my words. I know it’s an unpopular position to take, but it does stand up to criticism.


I disagree with this but I do find it somewhat telling that when you used to get those rare faulty ones with no wafer in them it was considered a surprising treat.


Seems a bit
to me


not a thing im afraid


So it tastes of conventional chocolate it’s just pink right?

Quite into the idea of a strawberry chocolate KitKat actually - not sure what this one brings to the table.


Can’t remember eating a regular Kitkat since the emergence of its Chunky brethren.

Could really go a Kitkat Chunky right now


dont eat breakfast, don’t like kitkats. you’re on thin ice, mate.


Obviously kitkats and anything by Kinder is chocolate for adult babies

other people are the worst


strawberry kitkts are nice enough, imagine the nesquick flavour… kind of like that, a bit sweet though.

like you… I don’t know what the point of this is… will probably eat one though