Rubz Plugz 2020

Plugs that are shaped in the wrong way. Like they have too much junk above the plug. It should be majority below. Particular issue using them with certain extensions.

Rubbish aren’t they?

Agreed. I need to buy a couple of those 3-round-pin lamp plugs, which I’m sure you find delightfully interesting.

Yeah I do but I have to have dinner now

Ever stepped on a plug? Would put it alongside bad acid trips for worst life experiences.


I bought this recently and one of the sockets is basically out of commission because of too much junk above one plug. Leaving me with a measly seven socket extension. How’s a man meant to operate a functional living room.

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That sucks, man

Would anyone like to talk about bad plug design this morning?

There’s a shelf directly under the plug socket at a hotel I often stay at on #business.

It irks me as well designed, bottom heavy plugs don’t fit it.

Bad socket placement!

Yeah because bottom heavy plugs is where it’s at.

In the end I didn’t buy any outdoor xmas lights because they had lengthy plugs that don’t fit in the watertight socket. Fucking joke.

Nope, going to be mature and leave that one be

I have an identical issue - got that type of multi plug thing cos of the individual on off switches. My mother 32s plug shape renders one of the slots on the adapter redundent

The individual switches are a real boon though aren’t they

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If we are all showing off about it then I have one as well. Yes I have spare capacity but I still have one completely out of action

Really like plugs that have the retractable upper prong. Feels like a real triumph of engineering.

Nice. How’s your cable management? I got one of those cage/tray things that you can screw onto the underside of a desk, that’s made a difference.

Do you think this is suitable content for Rubz Plugz 2020?


That is all behind a big speaker so cable mangement is not needed.

@anon5266188 have you considered releasing cable manager 2020?

Ideal. I will photograph my setup when I get home to add to the thread.