Rubz Plugz 2020

Thank you

Please don’t speak to me about cable management right now

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Popped it in the diary for early next week.


Appreciated, thanks


When you have

  • a two/four way extension lead where some of the sockets are up one way round and some are up the other way
  • two of more chunky plugs (e.g. for a keyboard or guitar pedal or whatever)

… and so they don’t fit.

Rubz Plugz

EDIT: covered in about the third post :upside_down_face:

Spreading awareness of Rubz Plugz can never be a wasted post.

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Current cable management/extension situation:

Cable tidy under the desk - eventually going to cover it all up so it’s not visible from the front.

Eight-way extension placed inside cupboard with individual switches (please note masking tape labels to identify plugs)

Extension lead leaving cupboard to be plugged in. Minor cosmetic damage due to poor drilling, slightly wrong bracket things used, necessity to remove the plug and rewire it on the other side of the cupboard wall, this has it all.

I really need to label some of my plugs and cables

Fucking wires man - no chance of me ever getting them all invisible