Ruddy banal ffs


bored af. accidentally took a 1h 15m lunch. got a haircut. drinking my free coffee.



gonna make a cup of tea i think

it’s very quiet here. on the phones until 5.30pm



Let’s have a goose at your new lid m9!

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Equally pretty bored. Booked a meeting to see a client very close to my gaff on Friday morning so I’ll be getting a nice lie in :sleeping:


felt quite good this morning.

feel quite tired and bored now.



Home now, should really be packing PE kits and sorting out bags. Urgh, urgh, urgh

Saw some great bunches of daffs, piglets and good bit of sun out though.


Proof reading a 104 page document, asked for the entire week to do it and I’m already on page 55 :muscle:


Can’t be arsed to leave the flat. Haven’t got any basil in, reckon subbing in mint would work as a replacement in a pomodoro sauce

  • Keep pushing the envelope Heston
  • Go to the shop you lazy prick

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Same ol undercut


only got about 2 hours’ sleep last night (in separate blocks of, roughly, 1hr 45m and 15m respectively)

i am flagging quite a bit now.

going to go and clean my bike after this. probably.


Ooft looks sharp af man :ok_hand:




I’m so bored I just logged into linkedin for the first time in about 5 years. FFS.

Checks watch


do you link in and link out on linkedin


Mint and basil are quite similar, tomato and mint makes a good salad with feta or whatever. But yeah this a reach too far. Shops it is


Eurostar was delayed a bit
I just wanna go sostrene grene when I get to Paris


So, so ill

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So irked at this