Rugby League World Cup

Bit of a weird technical issue. Should be a good game though

Amazing haka



Up the Rugbies!

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Jamie Peacock calling England the underdogs before the game. That aged well.

Squad for squad they were to be fair. Disappointed in Samoa today but they’ll get better.

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There was a period just before half time when they looked well in it but they made too many mistakes throughout the game and looked like they gave up at the end.

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Samoa looked like they were really missing having had a warm up game, and suffered badly as the game went on for the early injuries they had.

Some big lads in this game

Very weird Giro d’Italia style refs kit here. Very weird.

England are also a fair bit better than some have given them credit for.

Carn Aussies!

This Lebanon v NZ game has started nicely. Could there be an upset?

Best thing about this is Vossy commentating. The guy’s an absolute legend.

Ireland looked pretty decent earlier. Myler, Keary and Keyes linking up were really exciting to watch.

Joey Manu has just scored try of the tournament. That won’t be bettered.

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Ooh that was a bit cruel - Aussies far too good

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Ok, I was wrong……


Lovely stuff

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Forgot it’s god save the king anthem innit :man_facepalming::sweat_smile:

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Is mcilorum really the best hooker we’ve got still?

Or is it just Wane doing Wane things?

Sangaré is a beast. Takes four men to stop him every time.

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