Run the Jewels


Don’t think there’s a thread on the new boards.

New track as part of Adult Swim singles club

Sounds rad - bodes well for RTJ 3.


“I talk real good 'cause I’m smart and stuff” is one of the lines of the year already


More of the same, innit. S’fine


More of the same for RTJ = fantastic


I dunno, it’s in danger of becoming a bit predictable for me. I’m a fiend for novelty though


Really like it - I think I’m right in saying it’s track 1 on the album? Good intro. Love them both so much - probably my favourite current band. Amazing music, furious anger, absurd dick jokes. Keep it up!


I think it’s OK. Decent song, but certainly not a classic by their standards. Will probably work OK as an opening track, a la jeopardy, as long as its followed up by a banger.


I like it, but I feel like I’ve heard it before, particularly Mike’s verse. I’m excited for RTJ3, though.


I like this more


RTJ3 comes 13th January


and a new single


I wonder if they were tempted to put it out this month and annoy everyone who did ther end of year lists already


Loved the last record.
They’re good pals of @Jeremys_Iron he might have a lowdown on what to expect!


Killer Mike was at my wedding! And by that I mean I read aloud a comment he made on my Instagram post.


Best so far I’d say.



Yep yep yep yep yep yep


Cool as fuck album cover!
Cool as fuck lead tune!
Probably album of 2017.


It’s a Christmas fucking miracle!

Only one listen in so far, so too early for judgement, but I’m psyched to hear it


I had a feeling it’d appear before next year but wasn’t expecting today!

God bless us, every one!


I fucking love Jaime and Mike.

First listen sounds like El-P’s come thru with production as good as Mike was on RTJ2