Run the Jewels

Just checked prices and it’s around £44. Ouch! I guess they are just that big now.

That’s pricey, but probably not too surprising right now. They are bringing Danny Brown along for the ride too. And I’ve not paid for their music.

Prophets of Rage want £52+ for their Brixton gig tonight. Profits indeed.

Presumably (given their purpose) all going to some charity of fund or whatever?

I would imagine that most Brixton gigs are like £35+ these days? could be wrong though

EDIT: just went on the site and clicked the first band I saw (Mogwai) - £34.50 before fees - close enough

Pretty sure I paid close to 40 quid for The Decemberists the last time they played there. So yeah, it’s not unexpected for Brixton.

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See also this thread…

Got tickets for Glasgow, boom!!

£35, was expecting worse.


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So torn whether I should go to this in Glasgow or make a weekend of it in London! Did anyone go to their last London gig? What was the atmosphere like?

I’m going to hold out till Friday and get them from See Tickets instead, f**k ticketmaster

Been to the last two. Roundhouse and Field Day and both were absolutely BANGING! Brixton is a different beast though, generally find the atmosphere can be a bit flat unless you’re right in the thick of it, which I am far too old to do now.

Not even close, Glasgow any day of the week!

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Pretty much like this: - YouTube

I.E. fantastic.

Thought Glasgow crowds were famously up for it though?

Yeah, I reckon you’re right. It’s more the Saturday night-ness of it that is swaying me but reckon that I’ll probably just go for Glasgow (and maybe take the morning off the following day!).

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Got tickets for London.

Unlike most folk on here, I always enjoy gigs at Brixton Academy - defo something of a nostalgia thing granted…

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I bloody love Brixton Academy!

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I was there last night - it was good.

I’ve comfortably been to more gigs at The Academy than any other venue - used to be The Astoria (RIP) but obviously that’s a fixed number now.

Bonus plus is that I like going to Brixton itself in general too (I lived there for four years) :+1:

I’m not that down on Brixton Academy, and yes, I’ve probably been there more than any other venue. Plus, I have a quote on the wall by the toilets (I’m the one about Carter USM next to Prince’s massive face), so I have to like it for that.

No word of a lie, I remember you mentioning the Carter quote on here previously so I looked it last night!

Couldn’t find it :disappointed: