Run the Jewels

Hot take :fire:

(I agree)



And I had actually submitted beats to the label for the first record they did, Juvenile Hell

Enjoyed Yankee And The Brave but this is bad.

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Yeah, it’s a bit shite, isn’t it?

That sample just doesn’t work at all for me.

Will still check the album.

Having listened to them both on repeat for two hours, I can safely say I like them both a lot. I prefer YATB, but they’re both good.

3 was the first one I listened to so I like it a lot. 2 is v good too obv.

1 was the last one I listened to and it’s never grabbed me.


So do I


3 is my favourite, absolutely rinsed it when it came out, was my album of the year. I had heard the other two beforehand and love them but three just pressed all the right buttons for me :man_shrugging:

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