Running a sub-two hour marathon


It’s going to happen! Nike are on the case!

What other sporting achievements would you like to see?


I can’t even process in my mind how anyone would be able to do that


Just do what you do now, but faster.


Yeah but they said that about cars going at 10mph up to 15mph and look at us now (330mph)


I think 330mph is too fast and I hope that human beings can never run that quickly


I would like to see someone be able to do a high jump over a building




I would also like to see someone run 7 in a test match


Wait that is only a couple of minutes quicker than the record at the moment. Hint to Nike; Make more sections downhill of your marathon


Watched my mate do a marathon in 2hr 51m. That was impressive.

Sun two hour marathon will be possible. Humans are getting stronger, bigger, understanding nutrition more and science is getting more advanced.

It’s like Roger Bannister. He does a 4 minute mile and then everyone does it. It’s just the next barrier.

The interesting thought is how fast can a human get ultimately. Like 8 sec 100m? 1hr 30m marathon?


8 sec marathon?


Depends if we include Cyborgs when they finally happen, reckon a Cyborg could run 100m in about 2 seconds (this is purely hypothetical)


As the article says, this will be gimmick-powered (downhill, wind-assisted, illegal shoes etc) and won’t be able to be ratified, so is pretty much useless.

I’d like to see someone invent a new swimming stroke that is faster than front crawl. That’d be fun.


I would like to see a boy born who can swim faster than a shark


How about some kind of new race altogether? Like a 500m sprint or something?


what are the legalities of shoes marckee?


No Hermanos.


These will be permitted:


I would like to see someone throw someone else over a building, and catch them on the other side


Who specifically please?