Running thread for 2019

How’s your early year running going? Anyone manage to fit in a parkrun (or two!) yesterday?

Marathon training going ok at the moment but still early doors, will feel it as it ramps up in the next few weeks for sure. Got my first ever cross-country race this Saturday so bought some lovely spikes for it yesterday.

Happy running DiS

Managed to hit up the second of the two new year’s day parkruns yesterday, wasn’t awake in time for the first.

My marathon isn’t until June, so I’ve got a bit of time to get up to speed, but I’ve got a few miles planned this week, to see the new year in with a bang. Know a few people doing that RED January thing, so I’ll be going out with them a few times to help them through (not that they’ll really need it). Just enjoying running at the moment, despite the cold.

Managed to get a steady 5km in yesterday, still suffering with a dose of post Christmas lurgy.

I haven’t got any events booked in so signed up for one of those virtual medal things with the aim of running 1000km plus in 2019.

Will try and get out with the local running club a bit more and see if I can pb some parkruns over the summer.

Nice! Which one did you do? Which marathon are you doing?

Hadn’t heard of the RED January thing, sounds :ok_hand:

Got a base layer for Christmas, probably the most helpful thing I have now in terms of forces me to get out for cold weather runs rather than cry it off.

Managed to run 5k on NYE, which is the furthest I’ve gone in 18 months. Still taking it slow but hoping to be able to do the Leeds 10k in July. Dunno if I’ll be ready to try and beat my PB from last time so I’m not putting any pressure on myself.

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I’m doing a silly beer marathon in Liege ( and it will be my first ever.

I’m questioning my sanity somewhat as I baulked at paying 75 quid to run Brighton, but paid 75 Euros for this and have now got to find travel and accommodation expense. But I’m looking forward to just completing a marathon, without putting any time pressures on myself. Once I know I can complete the 26 miles with this, then I can look at doing one properly.

Need to get out to the sales this weekend, as I really haven’t got enough warm or hi-vis gear for this time of year.

Was meant to run yesterday and have a rest today but felt so shit I had to swap them. 5-6 runs per week now until the Barcelona marathon. Good luck everyone!

Oof. Enjoy. That sounds relatively enjoyable. A few people I know have mentioned this which just sounds awful. Have fun!

Sports Direct have a few 2 for 20/24 quid stuff on for hi viz stuff iirc.

Yes, the two friends I’m running it with have done Medoc a couple of times. Looking forward to Liege, should be fun!

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No runs so far this year, but hopefully I’ll be back into the swing of things by the end of the week.

My last run was the Year End 10 mile race that I try and do every Christmas. I’d gone into it off the back of a football injury and a cold, so wasn’t expecting much, but ended up two minutes outside my PB and thirty seconds faster than last year. It was brilliantly organised again and really friendly too.

My targets for this year are a half marathon around May (probably Hackney) and the Ealing Half in September. I’d like to finally break 1.45 if I can. I’ve also got a sprint triathlon in early June, and I’d like to add another towards the end of the summer as well.

My other aim is to give everyone kudos on Strava - my lack of activity over the past six weeks has meant that I let a lot slip for a while.

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Gonna run on Saturday morning I think. First one for ages, will be around Victoria Park which I’ve not done before. Hopefully a lap of VP can form my commute as well.

Did my first run in some time on NYE after the self imposed ‘Christmas Recess’ to discover I’ve added nearly a minute to my splits (KM) since I last timed myself in November. Oops :grimacing:

Have signed up for the Tallinn Marathon in September and actually quite looking forward to getting back into it.

Moving to a new area of Cardiff this weekend and considering joining a running club, whilst I’m in yes man mode. Anyone currently/been a member of one of these?

First run of the year into work this morning.

Main goal this year is a sub-90 half. Managed 91 mins a few months ago for the Manchester half so should be doable. Would also like to do a sub-40 10k as I got under 41 mins last year. Feel like that minute will be tough to shave off though!

Would quite like to do a marathon but the only spring one I can realistically do would be Blackpool :grimacing: Might leave it and do Chester in autumn.

Ran 5km on Christmas day and really enjoyed it but I did get a bit bored.

I’m hoping to do a run a week either at work at lunch time or going home. I can’t seem to drag my arse out of bed before 9am on a Saturday to do Parkrun but I did really like that when I did that so maybe I just need to bite the bullet on Saturday and do one.

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Our usual parkrun (Maidstone) is getting far too busy now. 552 people rocked up to it yesterday morning and over 400 on Christmas Day. I just don’t think it can take those sorts of numbers. It’ll be a real shame if I have to find another regular one (there are plenty I can get to easily) as they’re a great crowd and I like the out-and-back style as opposed to the laps the others use.

I’m up to 92 runs now, so am looking forward to hitting that 100 milestone.

How does an OAB parkrun work? Surely there’s a massive log jam at halfway?
My local one in Sheffield is up at 700+ some weeks but it’s just about OK if you get a fast start to get out from the crowd a bit

We go around a small park at the half way point, so that spreads the field a bit. Runners are just encouraged to keep to the left of the path. It’s not too bad, but if you’re trying to overtake on the way out, just as the front runners are hurtling towards you on the way back, it can get a little hairy!

It’s great how popular parkrun is but the issue of capacity is definitely in need for discussion. Most I’ve been to are fine but one or two, Mile End especially comes to mind, just seem flat out dangerous now with up to 200-300 people going each week. Just a case of expanding more to ease demand, or change course design? Not every park can be as wide and accommodating as bushy.

Good luck with your march to 100, on 40 so hoping to grab the half century soon.

Also with the hallam parkrun it’s not only massively busy but also filled with good runners. Tend to get 50+ people under 20 minutes every week. So it’s been quite nice to finish near the front of a couple of parkruns over christmas

Exactly. Maidstone isn’t even a “park”, it’s a tow-path along the side of a river with the start and end being a local “farm”. Someone is going to end up in the water at some point if these numbers keep increasing.

Like I say, we are spoilt for choice locally as I can easily get to Leybourne (twice around a lake), Great Lines (twice around a park), Shorne (three laps around a park) and even Sittingbourne (twice around a park). None of these get anywhere near the same sorts of numbers as Maidstone. It just seems to be massively popular.