Running thread for 2019


Planned on 12 miles today, but had to call it a day after six due to pain on the inside of my hip. Nothing excruciating or anything but don’t want to wreck it further unnecessarily.

Probably skip a run tomorrow and focus on stretching or some yoga.


Friends, please spare a thought for runners taking part in The Spine Race right now. 260+ miles non-stop footrace along the Pennine Way. Live tracking here. The current leader (just) is Jasmin Paris who’s completed the first 114 miles in about 28hrs.


to mix up my tri training i’m sometimes doing a heavy weights or serious bodyweight session straight into a treadmill 5k or cycling 20k, which is feeling good.

i got a post-weight-sesh 5k down to dead-on 30m today, and didn’t feel bad, so i think i can shave that down a lot if i work hard. it’s felt like a positive way of keeping myself interesting instead of always doing swim-cycle-run. the next goal will be to be able to hit weights then a swim, or a swim, then cycle, then weights.

not gonna do anything outdoor til march coz fuck this cold


f*cking hell.


London parkrunners - what’s your favourite parkrun tube-accessible? Fancy a bit of tourism this saturday.


Had an ultrasound. Got something called retro calcaneal bursitis. Resting it for another week or 2, which is a pretty good result as far as achilles stuff goes


I used to run at Gladstone parkrun when I lived in Kilburn - a short walk from Dollis Hill tube on the Jubilee line. It’s a slightly hilly course in a very nice park, and the friendliest of the London parkruns I’ve done. Hampstead Heath is (obviously) beautiful but very hilly - especially if they’re using route B. Highbury is shit - too many laps and too many people.

Finsbury Park is my local but it can be a bit impersonal and there’s loads of fast runners - I’m usually in the 26-28 minute range and often don’t crack the top 300. There were over 600 runners the other week!


I used to do the finsbury park one quite a lot but didn’t really like it that much cause of the very steep hill on the one side.

Also the first time I went there, the lady asked you to raise your hand if you’d done parkrun elsewhere and this was your first one at finsbury park and I put my hand up cause it was and then she pointed me out infront of EVERYONE and was like “ooh we have lots of parkrun tourists where are you from?” and I didn’t really say anything then she was like “Excuse me! where are you from?” so I said highbury fields and then she said “well actually I meant a little further than just highbury fields” and laughed and then loads of other people laughed at me and she humiliated me in front of everyone. Fucking cow.

I wonder what is the flattest parkrun? I bet I could get my 5km under 30 mins there!


Ha, Gladstone has been my liocal for the last 15 months or so; agreed it’s extremely friendly. Haven’t done Hampstead but might try that - i won’t be looking to run fast so don’t mind a plod.

Remember doing highbury once (with meo i think?) aages ago. If it’s the same then yeah…boring. Done Finsbury once. They hide that hill, don’t they?!!


Hackney Marshes, if still the same course, is really flat. Canons Park is similarly flat.

There’s actually a website which shows parkruns across the UK by elevation:

Whinlatter can fuck right off


I think the flattest is Burgess Park:


Mines 410th hilliest!


Hmm maybe I should try Pymmes park. It’s only an extra 10 min walk for me.


The flattest one I’ve done is Strathclyde in my hometown - was my parkrun PB for ages until I got into a sprint with the run director at Gladstone and beat it by a second. Probably not worth the trip up to the Glasgow outskirts for a parkrun PB though!

I’ve never put my hand up as a visitor just in case that happens to me… I’m not a fan of the organisers at Finsbury Park in general, it seems quite cliquey.


Bushy Park (the original) is near pancake flat, Nice route too.


The 4 in Sheffield are 382nd, 384th, 464th and 500th :upside_down_face:


Wanstead Flats is very flat (obviously), but it’s all off-road, so there’s little chance of getting a PB there.


^ this. Especially if you’ve not got trail shoes/spikes. Ran a 19:34 on a hilly, paved course in Sheffield, 20:58 on a flat off road one in mersea


Theres 200 fewer people at Pymmes than there is at Grovelands. Maybe i’ll try it this weekend if I can get my act together.


This is such a humblebrag.