Running thread for 2019


Also a windy (both pronunciations) course will be slower. Elevation isn’t everything


Sheffield hallam parkrun is so full of fucking uni athletes that that really doesn’t feel fast


Dunno how easy it is to come across for you, but while Oakhill isn’t flat, it’s a fair bit better than Grovelands if that’s the one you’re doing most often and not too far away in terms of distance.


Somehow humblebragging even further!


It’s not mega far but would definitely mean driving. I’m about a 20 min walk from Grovelands now (can run there in 10 for a warm up).

I just want to avoid that horrible hill in Grovelands! I think without that, i’d have more of a chance of achieving sub 30.


Definitely hit up Hampstead if you’ve not run it before - I used to switch between there and Gladstone before I moved across to Finsbury Park.

I’m not exactly a regular at Finsbury, prefer getting up later and running up the Parkland Walk towards Highgate. I hate the hill too!


Never did Finsbury Park parkrun but it is such a frustrating park to run in IMO, long, slow hills and then really short steep ones.


Cheers. Will def give it a go, if not this weekend, then in subsequent ones to come. Ta!


If you want a flat parkrun, NEVER do Mount Edgcumbe in Cornwall. I have and it’s brutal! Plus, you have to get there by boat if you’re staying in Plymouth.


Apparently there are only 3 with more elevation.


To be fair, the name is a fairly hefty clue!


It’s mental. You walk up this massive hill to the house, where everyone meets and they do the run brief. And you can see even more hill stretching up behind it. You think “Well, that’s a lot of hill, this’ll be tough”. Then after the brief, they take you down to the start, which is right at the bottom of the first hill! And you start crying at the prospect…

I managed it in 27 minutes and came 18th on the day. It’s certainly an experience!


Going out at lunch today after my illness set back! :+1:

Just dumping this here so I HAVE to go!

It’s really hard getting back into it all!


Getting pretty sick of doing nothing tbh


Must be a pain in the arse, but best rest now than fuck it up properly and be out for months.

Testing my adductor out tonight on track. If it’s still sore I’ll rein it in until the 10-miler on Sunday.


I’m allowed to go for a slow 15-20 minute jog on Thursday. Pretty exciting stuff





Are you doing core exercises and stuff while you’re not running? That will keep you occupied and will help to prevent injury in the future.


Yeah but it is all just deeply boring


Maybe add a bit of risk - like balancing a mug of hot tea on your head when you do them?