Running thread for 2019


I did some aqua jogging when injured/marathon training once. Was also deeply boring.


For those that do speed training, where do you do it? The place I normally go running (a canal path) doesn’t seem suitable and I’m not sure that I can on a treadmill. Do you usually use a running track?

Edit: I’m talking about this kind of thing -


Yeah i usually go to a running track. The club I’m part of trains at one handily so do them then. Can always pop on some other time though if needed.

If you’ve got a flattish, decent size park nearby that’s always an option as well.


There’s a park near me that has a 1km path, marked at 100m intervals, I usually use that. Otherwise there’s a good path around the harbour here that everyone runs on, so I’ll use that for intervals of 800m, 2km, that sort of thing. I try to do strides on grass at the park.


So this morning’s run on Strava app crashed in the same way @meowington - I happened to stop the app within a few metres of where I’d started it because I didn’t do my normal thing of using my last minute to start the run back home, and the app decided I’d done the whole 30 minutes basically not moving at all. No crashes reported this time either.

I’m beginning to think most people record separately and upload, TBH.


Now I got a new charger for my watch, it automatically uploads fine to strava so it must be my phone or the strava app.

I haven’t used my watch cause I lost the charger about 6 months ago but wasn’t cycling or running then so didn’t really need it. Ordered a new one which came on Friday. Saturday morning…found my old one behind a bedside table :upside_down_face::upside_down_face::upside_down_face:
(I’d already unwrapped the new one, chucked the packaging out!)


This is exactly what happens to me every time.

(Although annoyingly buying my wife a new fitbit hasn’t caused her old one to reappear so I can have it.)


Took a decent chunk out of my personal best for the 5km today, down 26s to 20:59. Did have some wind help, but still very happy with that.


Eating beans before a run is definitely cheating! :wink:

(That seems an insanely fast speed to bang out 5km. I am impressed.)


Just put my name down for the Kielder 20 mile trail run in April. The route looks brilliant!


Ran the 4 miles home from work last night in almost the same time it takes to do the journey by public transport - really need someone to berate me into doing it more often! Have been working here almost two years and I think this is only the fourth time I’ve ran home…

Is anyone signing up for the Hackney Half this year?


fotn…RUN HOME ya lazy pleb!! :wink:


Yup, probably - although it is the day after I have an overnight flight, so we’ll see how that goes…


Do I get pics of Epic and Raffles as a reward?


Doing my first marathon this year in Edinbrugh at the end of May after doing a few halves and working my time down on that to around 1:28. Anyone got any top tips for moving up to the full distance and any ways to force yourself to stretch post runs? Find it much easier to motivate myself to run rather than stretch. Any good stretching routines you do would be gratefully accepted!


The novelty of a foam roller may inspire more frequent and through stretching.


^yeah, I’d get a foam roller, too.

For me, the motivation to stretch and roll after a training run came from the aches the next morning if I didn’t do it.


I did a 10 mile race there last January and it was great.


Jasmin Paris almost certainly going to win this now and smash the existing race record. Likely to finish this evening, having had no more than a couple of hours of sleep since Sunday morning. Doubt it will get picked up by mainstream sports media, but there won’t be a greater achievement by a UK athlete this year.


Apart from casinobay completing the Kielder 20 miler, of course.