Running thread for 2019


Think it’s largely mental. Obviously got to be fit and strong, but those distances and that time on your feet (or bike!) you’re going to end up mentally in places that training won’t take you.


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How often a week do you folks do speed training?


What are you training for? Sorry, I may have missed it earlier up!


It depends really. Are you training for anything specific?

I’m in marathon training atm (or will be again once more this thigh has cleared up)and usually have one ‘speed’ session and one ‘tempo’ session through the week. In this case, speed would be whatever your 5k-10k pace is, and tempo is the pace you want for the mara. So for my speed workit would be something like eg 6x800 at 5k pace with 400m jog recovery between each


First run in a while tonight after a spell of norovirus. Going for a slow 5 miles… I’m a bit sleepy but it hopefully should be ok.


ha, I’ve always disregarded the rules with regards to effort in training. Even when marathon training, i used to do long runs at almost marathon pace.

Currently training for a half and doing speed work once a week (which is hill sprints - ~300m up a steep hill as fast as i can manage with a jog down in between, 6-8 reps). But a lot of my other runs (2-3 per week) are probably near tempo or at least have tempo elements. I struggle to find time for long runs though which is what might let me down. I cycle 7 miles each way as my commute which i think improves overall fitness too for running, without the impact

Caveat - i know i push too hard when training and I’m not suggesting others take this approach! I think some time on the bike vs running probably explains my lack of injuries recently


Yeah sorry I don’t think I said. Going to be training for a marathon as of early Feb. I ran one in 2017 and one last year. I was around 5 mins slower last year as my legs gave out in the last 5 miles, so I would really like to take precaution this year (and try to get an even better time!).


For marathon training I’d stick to longer speed drills at slightly lower intensity [like 5k or 10k pace stuff]. Once a week would be fine I’d imagine, but others may chime in! Maybe try and get a shorter race in ahead of time (5k, 10k, 1/2 mara) as that’ll be a great speed session + confidence booster!


My programme is changing over time, but it includes things like 5km time trials, hill sprints, 500m intervals (x10), 2km intervals (both at around 5km pace). Maybe once a week for those. Then maybe once at tempo (about marathon pace or maybe a bit slower). Then the rest is longer runs at slower intensity, maybe accelerating a bit at the end.


What’s the top distance you’d do as part of your training? Got a plan to build up to almost race distance and hoping to do the actual race at 4:45 a km which is about 35s/km slower than my half pace. Does that seem reasonable with enough training?


That should be well within range given your half time. I’d recommend doing a 37ish km run about 3 weeks before (at an easy pace) as your longest training run. If you can do 37, you will be able to do an extra 5 with other runners and a crowd there to help you through


I’m hoping to run a marathon at about the same pace as you (if my achilles clears up quickly) and I’m about 5 minutes slower over a half than you, for reference


To add to this, try and have a step back week every three weeks or so (reducing the length of your longest run and weekly mileage) as your body does better when periodically allowed to recover, and try to keep to the 10% rule (i.e. don’t increase weekly distance or longest run distance by more than 10% each week)

So something like:

8 weeks out - longest run - 25km
7 weeks out - longest run - 28km
6 weeks out - longest run - 32km
5 weeks out - longest run - 28km
4 weeks out - longest run - 32km
3 weeks out - longest run - 37km
2 weeks out - longest run - 21km
1 week out - longest run - 10km
0 weeks out - Marathon

All your long runs should be very slow - like about a minute/km slower than your intended race pace.


This is sound advice (although i can’t comment on distances/speeds as I don’t do kms! - i’d say aim for ~2 20 mile or just over, culminating 2-3 weeks before the marathon)

as i described earlier up, i don’t do long runs slowly enough!


This is common with basically everyone I know (including me). So hard to pace down to a pace that just gets boring for 3-4 hours. Need to get better at it. May start listening to music on longer runs


Upping my cycling vs running has helped with this as it’s inherently lower intensity on the flat / broken up with traffic etc. Well, not helped on long runs, but it means I do some exercise that isn’t flat out effort for most of the time (which is typically my approach to running)


Cycling is a good substitute for a recovery run, assuming that it’s not too far. Non-impact, lower intensity and lower heart rate.

I aim to alternate between cycling and running for 6 days of the week, with a long slow run, a short interval session and a medium length tempo run being all the running I do in the course of a week.

Obviously, everyone’s different (I have to take particular care not to overdo the running, so others may want to up theirs), and everyone has different targets, but that’s what I’d still aim to stick to if I was doing a marathon.


yeah this is similar that what i do currently. Cycle commute (so 7m x 2 each working weekday - usually 5 unless working from home etc.), plus 3-4 lunchtime runs (somewhere between 6 and 10 miles, incl. some intervals / speed work, plus one at the top end of that mileage per week)

Feeling fit, and hoping to PB a half at the end of Feb.

When i was marathon training i was running 6 days a week, but think it was probably “lower quality” training if that makes sense


Yeah, that’s very similar to what I do. I’ll be starting up my swimming again in a few weeks, ahead of the open water season, and that helps me as it’s another non-impact activity and is much better for core strength than cycling.


i had the intention of getting into swimming but I just can’t get on with it! Enjoy sea swimming but can’t do the pool at all. And then my swimming isn’t strong/sustained enough to do proper sea swimming - vicious cycle! In honesty, I think i’m just a runner that finds any kind of admin/tech/faff beyond putting some shoes on a pain!