Running thread for 2019


I like what the others have said. I looked up a couple of plans:
Higdon’s longest runs are 20 miles (32km) - as his plans get more advanced he does more of them, but doesn’t go over that distance. He says run your long runs 30-90s/mile slower than your target race pace.

Magill (Build Your Running Body) uses time not distance. His longest run is 135-210 minutes. For me, his pace would be 5:46-6:39/km (this is based on my 5km time, which in my case is 21m flat). So if I ran the full distance at the top speed, I’d hit around 37km I guess.

I think your plan sounds sensible. My half PB is 1:37 which is 4:36/km or so, and my coach predicts my marathon potential at 4:53/km. So you might find you could go even faster if you trained well (but I’d suggest starting steady, and going harder in the last 10 if you’ve got it in you).

There are race pace predictors which might help you, as well.


Did my first run home after work yesterday. 5 miles, perfectly within my capability but that fact I’d been bike commuting all week, and ran 3 miles Tuesday evening, meant my legs were shot from the start. This limited my enjoyment somewhat.

I think I struggle to do my bike commute at a low enough intensity after all these years of going pretty much as fast as I can. If I’m going to carry on with biking and running something needs to give. I need to recover properly.

I have been eating well, drinking a lot less, hydrating more, so that’s hot to help.


Just signed up for two very glamorous events - Stockport Trail Half Marathon in Feb and Blackpool Marathon in April :grimacing:


Decided to break out the foam roller after a tough biking/running week which has left me feeling tight and stiff today. Got a nice warm glow thing going on now in my legs like I’ve just had a hot bath. Think I’m going to have to do this regularly now if I’m going to be able to fit it all in. I need to help my recovery.

What everyone’s experience with rollers? I’ve got a pretty standard cheapy looking one. It feels pretty solid, I’m guessing that’s a good thing?


Just run for the first time that wasn’t just a quick 1k on the treadmill in about a year.

Managed about 4k before I had to stop. Being fat probably doesn’t help but have had groin issues for 5 years and sciatica has just kicked in. It’s pretty depressing really. I will try and keep go in, but it’s painful.

Know no one gives a shit, but I needed to post it somewhere .


1k to 4K is a big jump. Go easy on yourself! And increase the amount your doing moderately :slight_smile:




2k today! Whooo


That’s a hell of a jump. You should be proud. Keep it up.


Fred Hughes 10 in St Albans today. 1 hour 20 and 2 seconds. Lovely run which I’d recommend. Tough but beautiful.

Think I will re-evaluate my marathon plans. Thigh is better but there is certainly an issue still lingering in that area. The training programme I’m on has definitely contributed to that. Going to ease off it, forget a target time, still keep the mileage up and just go to enjoy. Want to enjoy the race, not hate it due to all the training.


cheers. i mean, i always thought i could do more than 1k, but i’d just do it as fast i could on the treadmill as i find running quite boring. even more so on a treadmill. i’d say 4k is my limit at the moment, injuries and boredom do creep in.

i think i need to lose weight and have a plan to maybe do an organised 5/10.


It’s a pity they changed the route - I really enjoyed the old one that went along the railway track towards Hatfield and back. Less hilly, but still a lovely run. Been a few years since I’ve done either version now.


First one I’ve done, but the Hatfield route sounds lovely! Definitely back next year, proper lovely.


Kudos to you on pushing yourself. If you have a chance I’d recommend heading to a parkrun if you fancy a free and zero pressure 5k, run-walk or run. Really sociable which helps alleviate boredom somewhat


I try to run for 30 mins every other morning but haven’t done so since Thursday (now Sunday for me).

The thing was walking home on Friday was agony due to a pain in my left foot sole right where my thumb is:

It’s dulling now a bit so I’ll hopefully run again tomorrow but is there anything I should be wary of? Like does this imply something bad in technique or my shoes etc?


I really wondered what on earth that photo was as I scrolled down…!!

I’ve had something similar too - it felt like I was stepping on a spike in that area everytime I put my foot down!? A physio looked at it and said it was basically a bad tendon strain, rest up and it’ll go away but also buy decent trainers for walking not just running. I did so and haven’t had the problem again and this was a couple years back.


Just went on my longest run of the year by accident - did my normal route, got home and didn’t have my key on me, so ran back around trying to find it, then ran to wife’s work to get her key, finally got home and found mine sat on the stairs where I’d forgotten to pick it up from. Adventure!


Everything feels really good, back on my programme again. First big run back on Saturday, if I get through that I think 3:20 may still be realistic. Physio’s told me to ice bath up to my calves after every run though and it’s fucking horrible.

Also my shoes have finally started to give up. according to strava theyve lasted 850km which is amazing, especially given they were £40. Just buying the same pair again to replace them


These if anyone’s interested


Brighton half is in just over 3 weeks - it’s crept up pretty fast.

Went for what will probably be my longest training run in advance on my lunchbreak today, a shade over 12 miles at ~15-30 secs per mile off HM pace and felt pretty good. Very happy with how my training’s been (although I’ve not really cranked up the mileage much from what i normally do, i’ve had some good tempo runs etc). Hoping for a still-ish day by the sea for the race to keep chances of a PB open