Running thread for 2019


Longest run in aaaages today. Managed to actually run it slow, was a proper nice day, and no injury flare ups. Been absolutely shattered and stuffing my disgusting face for the rest of the day though obvs


Things have gone downhill somewhat.

Thigh cleared up but the day after Fred Hughes felt like my calf was messed up. Went to training the next day and I had to pull out. Got some stretches, turned to some cycling, seemed ok. The pain lingered through at random times, taking first steps in the morning or random intervals in the office when walking around.

Tried to do 3k on the treadmill on Thursday and had to stop after a few hundred metres. Had a doc appointment scheduled for weds so will ask him then. I’m thinking it isn’t muscle because of the lack of improvement, and I’m quite concerned it might be a stress fracture.


Six days now until Tarawera Ultra. Had a couple of days of awful runs, felt like I was fighting off a cold, then went out yesterday and just cruised 13km, it was so wonderful to be back into it and feeling strong again. Feel free to follow me on the app/website from Saturday evening UK time, bib #1111.

@ mildmanneredjanitor that sucks, I hope you get a good answer and things start to improve soon, and definitely that it isn’t a fracture.


Ah mate that’s rubbish. What date is the marathon?


Cracking stuff, man. Best of luck. Will look out for it!

Cheers man. Tbh I could well be overreacting but I’m just concerned because of the lack of improvement after two weeks of basically nothing. And I’ve never had one before so idk how it would feel…but the very overoptimistic uptick in mileage this year points to some sort of overuse injury for sure. Fingers crossed anyway.


Thanks man. Date is April 14 so not a disaster, but definitely will be one to enjoy rather than push.

You doing Amsterdam this year?


We are indeed. Got 21 interested at the minute so gunna have to do an awkward cull barring drop outs. Looks like we’re going to have a pretty good squad out. Assume you’re going? Still got that midfielder who is obviously far too good to be playing there?


Nice one! Hope the cull/drop out handling is alright, never a fun decision to make.

Yep, we will be there. I doubt it; I’m not sure if I mentioned here but basically last year we only had two people from our team (the fifths) after a raft of dropouts close to the time, so we basically opened it up to the wider club and we only got guys from the seconds and thirds responding…hence issues like the one you raised.

I talked about it afterwards and looks like we will have a more balanced, and frankly more fun, side this year, with majority being guys from my team and below. Should be a good.


We’ve got a weird mix of ability within our one team. Last year we didn’t have the centre back who basically won us the tournament on 2017, but think he’s back in this year. Anyway. This is derailing the running thread innit. Good luck with the doctors :crossed_fingers:


Cheers mate. Will play advantage again if i ref you


If we can return to running for a moment, I just shaved my 5km PB to 20:57. :running_man:t2::fireworks:


Had an absolutely beautiful 9 mile run yesterday despite the cold. Was bright and windless, and I ran next to a frozen canal which was v pretty.

The approach of cutting down my miles and focusing on other types of training (rather than just strictly running at pace) seems to be going well.

On holiday for a couple of days, then when I get back I’ll start training for the Stirling marathon at the end of April.


Does anyone else have any… bathroom incidents… after running?

Just went for a long run (for me) and was suffering with stomach cramps the last bit of it, luckily I was near enough home I could make a dash for it.

Is this a normal thing (Google seems to think so) or just coincidence after a few pints yesterday?


Yep it’s very common (although I hasten to add that the worst has never happened to me!). I have taken note of all the public toilets along my usual routes for this reason…


When I ran the Selkirk trail marathon last year about one mile from the finish up ahead I could see one of the other runners behind a stone dyke.
When I reached him I asked if he was ok…his reply was “aye, I’m fine, I just really needed a shite”.


Yup. I always make sure that I go to the loo before running. Running gets things moving a little, plus your body prioritises your cardio and muscular system, which means that your digestive system receives less blood (hence why your stomach often gets very cold), and this can cause a bit of an upset. Like with cycling, if you’re eating or drinking anything on a run, on an empty stomach, I’d do a few test runs before venturing further.

Having a few pints the day before can make it worse though, certainly.

As the old marathon tip goes: ‘Never trust a fart after mile 16.’


London Winter 10k with Mrs Z today - furthest I’ve been all year, but much slower than I’d normally go as the aim was to help get her round. Watch time was 1:17:27, chip time 1:17:21. Pleased to get her around :slight_smile:


I don’t think I have ever done a run and not immediately gone for a shit as soon as I get back.


This has made me chuckle a lot more than it really should.


More like mile five for me. If I don’t go for a clearout beforehand them I’m always at risk of an “incident” as I go round.

I had to run into a pub once and use their loo as I was stuck eight miles from home and was about to explode. Thankfully that’s the closest I’ve ever come to actually crapping myself though!