Running thread for 2019


Had more hoppy beers than was planned on Friday during the rugby and had to nip in to the lovely cafe on the Lea River to use their facilities whilst out running on Saturday morning. Have heard some real horror stories about bad reactions to gels and sweets on races too…


Yea, a lot of people make the fatal mistake of just grabbing what they can on the way round and then having problems. So long as you practice with a particular product on your long runs beforehand and don’t deviate on raceday it’s usually OK though.


Finished my 100km. Got round in 17h31m, which is a little longer than I’d hoped for, but I achieved the ultimate goal of finishing the thing. Some proper athletes in this one, Courtney Daulwater, Cody Reed, Ryan Sandes,smashing it out in half my time.

Managed to run (shuffle) most of the way, passed a bunch of people who were walking which felt good. Photo of me with waterfall, about 35 or 40km in


Well done!!! What an achievement!!
I can’t begin to imagine what that must feel like, both in elation in finishing and the pain you must have went through!
Seriously, absolutely brilliant.


That’s incredible, well done!


Bloody hell mate. That is nuts. Congratulations!


Insane and quite brilliant all at once! And there’s me struggling with 10 miles this morning :joy::joy::joy:


Big congrats man, was going to start a new thread with your name in lights, couldn’t see the running thread.


Getting back into the swing of things after an extremely lazy winter. Have a half marathon in Ireland next month and doing my first marathon in Edinburgh in May. Going to a running club tonight for the first time.


Interval training has been paying off! Managed to smash 31 seconds off my 5km time last night, down to 18:47. Thanks everyone for the advice!


Track tonight and the calf pulled through, yeah! Bit sore in the warm up but that seemed to subside. Thankfully short intervals otherwise I would have been bollocksed. Happy to be back running again though which is the main thing.


Proper nightmare pacing today. Windy, hilly and a mix of trail & Road. Tried to run it on heart rate but think I was a little bit too quick. But it was absolutely gorgeous out by redmires, wyming Brook and rivelin valley, and it’s 35km injury free under my belt.


The TV smashed her 5km PB and ran 25:18 today - super proud of her!! I managed 20:53 which is my best time this year and 45 seconds off my PB so pretty happy with that too.


I set a 5km pb of 25:30, she wasn’t that girl just in front of me yesterday that I couldn’t quite catch was she? :smiley:

Also I think I need a new training program - I’m still working on couch to 10k, however i’m in week 12 of 15 (I think) and today I ran 9.9km in the 54 minutes. Next time i’m supposed to add another 3 minutes of running in total which would take me over the 10k…


Harrow Hill 10k today. Really fun in retrospect and would recommend, but good lord I’ve lost a lot in the last three weeks not running. The hills are savage but felt like I never recovered at all. Once I stopped caring about times and trotted around was fine, but that was hard. Head completely went at 6k which isn’t a good sign

But, the leg passed the test, so hopefully upping the mileage again next week will get me back up to speed.


Stockport Trail Half Marathon today, proper nice day for it. Finished in 1:36 on the nose. Full of cold and was dosed up on Lemsip so quite pleased with that.


1:36 on trails? Awesome time! Well done.


Thanks man! I think calling it a trail half is a bit of a push tbh, it’s pretty flat and goes out along an old rail line and back on a canal towpath.


Followed my plan of incorporating strength and interval training into my marathon plan this year, and I’m already seeing such benefits. Not sure I’m running any quicker right now but the longer runs (I ran half marathon distance on Saturday) are a lot more enjoyable.


Leg fucked again, physio appointment to be booked.