Running thread for 2019


Took 3 minutes off my half marathon PB at the Hackney Half today - was a little disappointed not to break 2:05 initially but pretty happy now.


Did the Manchester 10k. Really enjoyed the event, course, crowd. Sort of happy with my time (53.50) as its my best 10k but I was aiming faster.

Been trying to work out why I was slower with the wife. My pace dropped off after 6-7k. My effort didn’t, heart rate was super consistent and high throughout. My pace did this on my last training run too.

We think I didn’t fuel properly. I’ve recently been running faster/further and I think I need to start eating more/better, whereas I got away with what I was doing before.

Other niggle was a recurrence of an old It band injury nearer the end. This has happened on two 10k races, but never in training. My theory here is that in both cases I left a whole week before the run since my last. This week I intended to but was ill. I think I should have gone over with the foam roller during the week to keep me from tightening up.

But otherwise, great day


Wife smashed her target by 5 minutes and came in under an hour so she’s well chuffed


Great running folks :clap:

Marathon week for me :open_mouth:


Good luck CTL!


Ran two legs of this over the weekend. Amazing amazing amazing


Manchester for me yesterday as well. The charity I was running for had free places so I did both races, something I’ve never done before in my life, had to make sure I kept moving in the gap between the half and the 10k.

The last mile of the 10k was the worst thing I’ve done since London Marathon last year but delighted to get them both done. Legs are stiff as fuck today.


Good luck!

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Congrats! I missed my PB by 2 minutes, mainly i think due to timing a pre-race toilet trip badly and ending up starting much further back than intended, there was a lot of bottlenecks and traffic during that first 5km.

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Good luck! You’re doing Edinburgh too right? It’s currently forecast for light showers and 15 degrees which is almost excellent conditions - fingers crossed it stays that way!

I’ve not been able to run for the last ten days as I did something to my knee whilst last out so have just been swimming and yoga to keep it moving and hoping it’ll be alright on the night. It’s felt a lot better this week but wary of trying to do a little run in the week before Sunday in case things flare up again…

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Yep! Been keeping an eye on the forecast too, it does look pretty ideal.

Ah that’s a shame but I suppose you don’t need to be putting in too many miles at this stage anyway? Might be worth chancing a very easy 5k maybe?


Yeah - I managed to do all of the training up to and including my longest run so don’t need to be running loads just kind of itching to get up and out but without doing any damage to myself. I’ll probably try an easy 5km tomorrow and see how things go.

You feeling prepared?


Yeah I think so, got my longest run of 35k in over two weeks ago and have been tapering since then. Legs were pretty tired after that but definitely feeling up for the full thing. Nervous though!

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Your times for both were amazing though - how on earth you managed a sub-45 minute 10k the day after your half marathon is beyond me.


Four hours after actually! I’m not sure how it happened either but I had the 45 minute pacer in front of me for a bit and got it into my head that I didn’t want to finish in a bunch with them all, so I think it spurred me on a bit to get past them all. Fuck me it hurt at the end though.


Who else did Hackney Half? I broke my pb by 6 mins, getting 1.38.22, which I am delighted with. Don’t know if it’s just the afterglow, but now seriously considering a marathon while I have relative youth on my side.


Good work!

I didn’t do it for the first year in four as it was my sister’s wedding. Irksome as the new route now goes right up my road and past my flat as well as down directly next to my office both of which would have been nice.

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The first 5km was rough last year too - I spent way too much energy trying to navigate around people and get some breathing room and paid for it later on. I stuck with the 2:05 pacer this year and found it much easier because she piloted the group through the chaos really well. Just couldn’t quite hang on to the pace in the last two miles!

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Amazing work. I bottled it because I had too boozy a weekend. Very full of shame.

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Congrats! I’m in awe of anyone under 2 hours - it’s my long term goal but don’t know I have much less that 1:59:59.9 in me. 1:38 is almost at my 5k pace!

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