Running thread for 2019

Same, I tried running with nothing the first few times and was bored stiff.

At the moment music is fine - I’ve got a few albums or DJ mixes which I tend to save up and work through each week, but I might give a podcast a go as that’s a good idea and not something I’d considered before.

I’ve got a core group of running buddies, so when I go out on my log runs it’s usually with company so no music. But even my solo runs tend to be music free. I did plug-in for the really long (16-miles plus) solo runs prior to my marathon. 3 hours listening to my own heavy breathing and traffic noise was too much, I needed distraction then.

Did the Harris Half Marathon last weekend, which is part of the Heb5 series across the Hebredian Islands. Was a very well organised race with only about 250 runners and with absolutely beautiful scenery, including Luskentyre Beach, starting at sea level on one side of the island, up and through the hills in the middle (up to 140m) and back down at the finish. I’d not done any proper hill training due to a dodgy knee but though challenging, they weren’t too bad. I found I could mainly maintain my pace going up hills and would be going past people but then could kick on, on the downhill sections so got overtaken myself. Something to practice for next time! Would highly recommend it though as its super scenic and they lay on a great lunch afterwards!

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It’s a really nice run with a slightly deceptively tricky hill halfway through. The last 5k is all downhill and you can absolutely smash it though. I’m thinking of doing it too but football will probs get in the way

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Completely went off running with music. Happily do 3:30 solo training runs with nothing now. Without wanting to sound like a colossal wanker I quite like not being able to distract myself and having to be properly involved in the run, scenery etc.



Fuck off, jelly beans


Yeah, yeah. I stopped listening to music at parkrun, because it felt like I was missing out on the social aspect of it. Soon felt that I just preferred to not be constantly fiddling with my earphones and just enjoying being out there. As I said, I did still need the distraction for the really long runs, but that’s mostly because my runs are also so urban. I think if I had something more scenic, I’d leave them at home.

Always listen to podcasts running, esp if it’s longer than 10k. When I ran my marathon, my bluetooth headphones stopped working straight away at the start and I was really annoyed as I had fully charged them. It was fine in the end, I actually quite enjoyed just concentrating on the run and the fact that there were supporters all the way along definitely helped. Realised later that they were actually charged and I had accidentally set them to minimum volume. :man_facepalming:


Ah yeah I’m lucky that my long runs are round lakes and the peak district and that. Probs would be a bit unsafe with headphones on some of the country roads anyway

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I’m off to Snowdonia with the family in a couple of weeks. Really looking forward to some beautiful runs around there.



Hey team.

Anyone after a cheap second hand running watch? If so, have I got the deal for you!!

I’m thinking of upgrading mine and so I’ve got a Forerunner 610 + chest strap HRM available for anyone that wants. It’s old, a bit slow to start up, and requires a USB dongle connected to a laptop to upload your data, but is otherwise in pretty decent nick - battery is still alright, does all of the non-advanced running dynamics stuff and will sync via Garmin Connect to more or less any app/website you want.

If anyone wants it, will ship with charger, HRM, and USB widget (once I’ve found it) for a token amount.

Is there a way to archive runs on runkeeper?

I was running loads training for half marathons a few years ago and got all of my PBs for speed and distance around then. After a couple of very patchy running years due to work I’m finding time to run regularly again, but my fitness is a long way off where I was, and every run coming in at 150th fastest or whatever is quite demoralising. What I’d really like is to archive all runs before, say, this year so my PBs are more representative of my current fitness, but not totally delete them forever.


Hi there!

Been doing couch to 5K at work since beginning of May and ran 5K last week in 36:39. This is massive for me, as I’m someone who does almost zero exercise (stopped swimming about a year ago) so was well pleased. Doing regular runs at lunch time twice a week now, and I’m finding it harder work now as we’re doing hills and intervals (which was legit, horrendous).

I’m getting recurring shoulder pains when I run at the moment (only in my right one) has anyone else had this? Also, any tips on breathing/combating stitches is much appreciated. Thanks.


Great work, Shucks! That’s a grand time. With those hills and intervals (they are always horrible) you’ll be breezing past that in no time!

I’ve had shoulder pains before while running, yes. For me it seemed to be caused by poor form rather than anything physically going wrong. It’s worth asking a friend or checking in the mirror what your posture is like before/during a run. My shoulders used to be quite tight when I ran and that would often lead to pain. Now when I run I make a conscious effort to loosen my shoulders or keep them low when moving.

With stitches, I’d suggest making sure you’re not eating/drinking too much before a 5k (your body doesn’t need much) to ensure you’re not using energy for digesting etc. However with most things stitch/breathing related, a lot of it is individual rather than something that can be applied broadly.

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Maybe switch to strava? Keep your run keeper account to keep your times, but log runs on strava and check times against your new 2019 pbs on there?

So I’ve signed up for a mazza in February. :grimacing:

So far my half PB is 1hr52.

Do you think 4hour marathon time is a realistic target? Obviously I’ll be happy to get round… but as a goal to work towards :man_shrugging:

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I would say yes, but be flexible. Marathon training is loooong and niggles can happen, life gets in the way etc. It’s definitely a realistic target but don’t look at it as an all or nothing goal. The main thing is that you enjoy it.


Adding to this, it’s important to be aware that the step up from a half to a full marathon is massive…not just in terms of distance, but the pressure it puts on you both physically and mentally during the race. This isn’t meant to be #negativeposting but it’s something that (somehow) caught me by surprise during my first one. I hit 20 miles and was gone and basically had to walk/run/whimper my way to the line from there, because I ran at my half pace and that was unsustainable. If you run sensibly, you’ll love it.

Which one are you doing?