Running thread for 2019


My strava seems fucked at the moment and isn’t recording well at all. I just cycled in and it just showed the time at the end but 0km so I thought it hadn’t recorded but then I saved and still said just the time then 0km then gone back on there now and it has 13km?


Easy six miles in this morning. Going to do a lot less at less intensity this week, bar XC on saturday, as I ran far too much last week compared with what I was supposed to.

Airbnb and eurostar booked for Paris Marathon! :hotel: :bullettrain_side:


No need to go hard for that long.

The intervals I do which help no end in getting my pace up consist of 400m at a slower than usual pace and then 800m (repeat a further 3 times) at a pace which was set at my target for a sub 20 5km.

If you aim to run the 800m part at your target pace you’ll see an improvement.


800m will be about 2-3 minutes, which is the shorter of the two that I suggested.

I think it works best when you mix up shorter and longer intervals, especially for target distances like 5k.


Not sure if anyone caught it at the weekend…

Few weeks after Alex Gee nearly broke the all-time record in leafy Dulwich, Charlotte Arter from Wales broke the parkrun female all-time record in Cardiff this past weekend. :fire::fire::fire: as the kids say


Mine has mostly been okay but a couple of days ago I did a walk and got it to record. As I was returning home I saw it saying 27m on the display as I’d expect but when I opened my phone to finish it just crapped out completely and decided I’d walked about 2 mins down the road and back. I’ve been a bit afraid since then of stopping it very close to where I started it in case it’s some odd bug around that?

When I installed it it popped up a, “People have reported this app crashes on your phone” or something but nothing to imply they actually gave a shit. The eternal free app cycle: I won’t pay for something that is like this but maybe the freebie does it because it’s the freebie?


I’d have thought your high end intensity stuff should be taken care of with spin classes. So HR/lung capacity shouldn’t be an issue (CAVEAT - I’ve never done a spin class in my life, but I imagine the top end intensity stuff involved is pretty intense vs running). If i were you I’d go for longer intervals at “out of breath” intensity/just above that, or psychologically it could help your Park Run PB if you go and do some hill intervals on the hill in the park - reps (3-5 to start) of going up it as hard as you can manage without dropping off, then gently jogging back down?

It’s hard, running such a personal thing I find


Yeah I wouldn’t necessarily say I wasn’t fit cardio wise and I can handle quite high intensities but I am definitely more of a short sharp burst person than I am a long endurance cardio person.

I think hill intervals will help me as I can run the rest of the course very easy but I slow right down on the hill even though it’s not a super steep one. Maybe I just need to go back to that hill and run up it then walk down and repeat that a few times for my intervals?

Either way, i’m well excited for Parkrun on Saturday for some reason :slight_smile:


That’s pretty much a hill interval session in a nutshell :+1:


Sounds awful!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


My least favourite type of training tbf tbh!


sounds like a plan! With the option to increase number of reps (or find a longer/steeper hill) in the future if you want to push on


Whilst i recommended the 230, the following deal seems good value if you’ve not taken the plunge yet:


nice one thanks :slight_smile:


That’s the one I have. My first ever smartwatch and does the job fine it seems. Can’t programme workouts into it which isn’t ideal, but has the rest of what you need on there.


Hi guys!

I’m after some new headphones for running, the ones I use are a bit fucked!

Any recommendations, I sometimes go out in my glasses, so take that into consideration with your millions of recommendations!


Not helpful but I once had the most perfect pair of running headphones but they broke.

Can’t remember who they were by or what they were called but they were pink.



Picked up a pair of these Monster Headphones in HMV a couple of years ago in the sale for about £10. Decent enough quality sound wise, nothing fancy but they don’t fall out of my ear.


It is, but it makes you faster.
Or do intervals on the flat, as Marckee and laelfy said.
Could also add in sprints…just 10s (building up to 20s), repeated a few times. Do a few km slow warm-up first. I hate those as well, feel like a fool because I’m not fast, but they help with form and so on.


Pyramid tonight. 2x90 sec, 2x2 mins, 23 mins, 22 mins, 2*90 sec. 90 sec recovery between each effort and at 5k-10k pace.

Felt good! Ran faster than I should have but felt good.