Running thread for 2019


You’ll smash it man, don’t fret :facepunch:


Have you been running to a training plan?

From looking at your Strava, you seem to be running everything at about the same pace (save for Park Runs), and just piling the miles on.


Yeah the runnings been on a plan. The issue (I think) was first game back at football on Sunday, playing 90 minutes cause our only sub dropped out at the last minute, and playing on a very shit pitch


Almost bought a running top on sale at lulu lemon for £70.
I really chuck my money at my new hobbies.

I ran in today and of course strava didn’t record it but I set my stop watch and I did 6.4km in 41 mins. (I did stop once to put my gloves and neck warmer in my bag cause I got too toasty) Not bad. :+1:


When you open Strava, do you wait until it ‘locks on’ before starting the run? This may take a minute or two.


Yeah! I have been using it the exact same way I have been using it for months/years…but this week, every cycle I record at the end just shows the time and 0km and 0km/hr and every run is just a line skitting about and records about 32s and says that’s all I done!
GPS on my phone is fine (works for googlemaps etc) and I’ve deleted the app, reloaded it…updated it a few times. Still nothing. It’s pissing me off!


I would buy a running shirt from decathlon and spend the savings on a watch


I have a watch!
I’m just a sucker for pretty exercise clothes.

I kind of want a little sleeveless puffer but that could also be a waste of money.


Why are you doing strava on your phone then?


because i’ve lost the charger for my watch!!!

(I have a new charger coming tomorrow)


Just run 10km in 56:30 which is a good step up for me. :slight_smile:




(Second PR, didn’t beat my previous time but got 31:59 which I’m happy with. Working towards sub-30 which is my goal for the next few months. My legs are completely dead)


PB!!! Yessss.

30:14 though. FFS. How frustrating.


Went out and did 9 miles before parkrun this morning. Was a real struggle today. Very little energy (probably caused by doing it on an empty stomach) but I got round. The 9 miles was probably a little quicker than we really should have been going and there were more uphill sections than last week.

Think I’ll have to go out for a little recovery run tomorrow morning.


Got I’ll which has fucked getting Back into it

Very annoying


Any PB is worth celebrating.


48:46 for the cross country today at just over 10k…my 10k time per strava was 47:45. Not thrilled but not disappointed either, it wasn’t a hilly course but so many twists and turns, a 1.5 meter ditch and a shallow pond to run through made it hard. Fun though!

Here’s me going through said water feature. Guy behind me eventually finished one place ahead of me. The bastard (lovely bloke).


My first week bike commuting (as normal) and running (one after work one evening, one this morning). Boy do I feel sleepy today.


Had a fun training run yesterday; run downhill as fast as you can for 20 minutes. Slightly terrifying, because I was running faster than I was comfortable on some nice rocky single track, that wound back and forth with lots of switchbacks, not to mention branches across the trail that I had to dodge. Could have ended up taking a tumble and scraping my legs to shit, but I came out with some top 10 overalls for the Strava segments and now I feel more confident with technical running, so yay me.


Just did my first run in three months and it was tough. The one pleasing thing is the fact that to and from my flat plus two laps of Victoria Park is bang on 10k though, ideal!