I’m trying to avoid paying for anything that isn’t ABSOLUTELY necessary, so I’m running to and from work on the days that I’m in the office and will rest on the days I’m WFH, this is how it looks…

Monday PM 3 miles
Tuesday AM 3 miles
Tuesday PM 3 miles
Wednesday AM 3 miles
Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday rest

I have to bring my lap top to and from work on Monday morning and weds afternoon so I don’t run.

Is it ok to do run days all in one go and rest days all in one go? My legs are already hurting and I still have 2 more runs to go, this afternoon and tomorrow morning…

We’ll ignore that this is posted in its own thread rather than the officially sanctioned DiS running thread, but:

Yeah, if you’re starting from a base of zero, then alternating running is much more sustainable than running four times in 48 hours and then not again for another 120.

If you absolutely HAVE to do it, then I would make the Tuesday AM and Wednesday AM runs very slow recovery runs, like a minute/km slower than your normal pace, and make sure that you stretch and roll properly after the runs home from work.

Aye take a day off between runs tbh

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Yeah agreed - four runs in two days is too much. Could you possibly walk for two of the four trips? It probably won’t cost you too much more time, especially when you factor in having a shower, etc.

I run literally everywhere.

To work. Back from work. To the toilet at work. Round the supermarket. In the cinema etc etc

I’m fine.

Here’s a thought:

why not cycle instead?

why not die instead? :heart:

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oh wow

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BOOM you walked into that one planik!!!

Why not instead?