RuPaul’s Drag Race US/UK/Canada (Rolling)

Season 12 contestants announced.


I believe the producers were so happy with how RPDR UK turned out (in production, not with audiences - although it succeeded there too!) that they made a load of personnel changes for S12 and brought over a load of the UK staff. I hope that’s true because I cannot suffer through another S11 (even with THAT lip sync)


Like Silky’s utter horror show to No Scrubs pretty much cancels out the triumph of Sorry Not Sorry. Still fuming about it


By my count there’s 13 queens instead of the 15 season eleven had. That’s a good thing because I thought one of the problems with S11 was that it had far too many.

I’d also like if the episodes went back to 45 minutes. The 1 hour length has hurt the pacing. I never expected them to but it’s a shame they didn’t follow DGUK and have the untucked be within the episode itself.

Going to avoid what I can of the pre-show build up. Saw a bit too much for S11 and it became pretty clear how some things would go.

Really hope this season gets things back on track. I’m excited for the premiere but dubious for everything after. Right now the only prediction I have is that if there isn’t an Old Town Road lip sync/episode I’ll be amazed.


Trying to work out if Jaida has RBF or if she’s going to be the one who I either love or hate as a result of her sassyness.

Excited to see More, it’s quite hard to tell from just one picture each obvs.

They have quite often brought in an extra ‘surprise’ Queen for the last few though haven’t they? So could go up yet.

Yeah I was going to say this too, bring someone back, or have someone a bit known come in around episode 3.

Or bring back one of the people that went home early later on etc

Shangela pt.4 pls


Crystal Methyd is the best name of the bunch. If they were Welsh they could be Crystal Merthyr


Crystal from the uk version was called Crystal Beth but was asked to cut it for the show, assume that was a BBC decision now…

Rewatching season four and Milan is excellent in lip syncs??? Why do I not remember this?

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Okay, wait, it’s because she ripped her wig off and lost to Jiggly Caliente!!!

Willam has to be one of the WORST queens ever too.

Half way in and… this is surpringly good so far :grinning:

Oh dang! Sunday evening viewing for us I guess.

Saw Katya and the Comedy Queens in Leeds a couple of weeks back. Love her so much.

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I never got round to season 11 though by all accounts I missed nothing?

If you’ve seen the Sorry Not Sorry lipsync then yeah, basically. Unless you want to put yourself through agony with the No Scrubs one :cold_sweat:

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If S11 never happened I’d feel a lot better about the past few years of the show.

The S12 opener feels like it’s righting a lot of the wrongs. I’ve been really critical of having hour-long episodes, but this didn’t fee overly long at all.

That said I also felt positive about the start of S10 and that massively burned out in the second half… here’s hoping they’ve got some good ideas to keep it fresh.

Edit: But to answer your question no don’t bother with S11. I think the only appeal of it is for the die-hard fans when they want to determine which season is the worst.

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Aaaaahhhhhhhhh that was a really strong opener!


really enjoying this :smiley: