RuPaul’s Drag Race US/UK/Canada (Rolling)

Obvs Olivia was hit and miss, but the parent/guardian bit was probs my highlight a standalone moment


I’m never a fan of the roast tbh (and similarly the library) because it’s always lots of fat jokes and the ones delivered with enough panache are given a pass.

Hit the floor at “ha! Baby, you’re the one who’s bombin’!”


But seriously I didn’t mind Utica as a weird queen even though my partner HATED her, but there was no justification for that, just monumentally shite patter and deserved to be eliminated for that alone, I think I kind of zoned out of the lip sync because it was so obviously a done deal

Really recommend both Drag Race Thailand seasons. The second isn’t far off All Stars 2/the best Drag Race has ever been (and can be watched through the world of wonder free trial). The first is good but much rougher around the edges. If there isn’t a third season it will be criminal!

Though apparently International All Stars is set to start filming so I’m guessing all the non-US variants have at least one more season in them.

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What a lovely, joyful lip sync. Fair play Kandy really turned it out. Feeling more positive about this season as we come to the end of it (partly because it’s almost over :smiley: ). Really, really enjoyed Mik and Rose’s looks this week.

I definitely want to watch them, I’ve heard they’re immense

definitely prefer Olivia to Kandy but she did kind of run out of steam and became a bit one note and it ultimately killed her, Kandy’s look was atrocious yet again but she did do well in that lip sync, reckon she’s still there largely because she’s better TV but also because of how weak this season has been.

Is the final going to be 3 or 4 btw? I got distracted at the post show segment :sweat_smile:

Feels so clear to me that Kandy is the weak link here, there shouldn’t be a top 4. Sick of it, FINISH THE SEASON ALREADY

Although I loved seeing Gottmik vibing with Ru and Michelle, Kade is a joy!!


Was half expecting that they were going to bring some queens back in, so the season can run another 6 months or so


wow didn’t see that one coming!!! :roll_eyes:

that was pointless

They are a real delight. If you, or anyone, needs help in getting a hold of Drag Race Thailand episodes, just let me know :relaxed:

Although S13 is definitely one of the less good ones, I’ve warmed to it more in the final third. Some of these queens have been good, and it’s a shame the first half of the season had so much filler.

Anyway, what we thinking then?

Who I think should win:
  • Gottmik
  • Kandy Muse
  • Rosé
  • Symone

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Who will actually be the winner:
  • Gottmik
  • Kandy Muse
  • Rosé
  • Symone

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oops i missed the polls :frowning: respectively: Symone / Gottmik. a double crowning of those two would be genuinely acceptable though, they are both trailblazers. but i would die for Symone, i love her so much :pleading_face:

have started saying ‘gorge’ loads ffs Mik

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what the fuck is this ‘reunion’ episode??

no offence to some of the early outs but this season had a lot of filler, eh. i enjoyed Joey Jay’s video though, have v much enjoyed how her tweeting about how she’s gay all the time has turned into ‘Joey Jay is the first gay drag queen’ online. good content.

Literally burst out laughing when I realised it wasn’t the final this week.

When the first episode aired, lockdown 3 hadn’t even started :tired_face:


Omg I knew it was the reunion (this season is killing me) but it’s not even a proper reunion!!! It’s absolute gash!!! The queens barely get to interact

Don’t get me started on the rumoured All Stars 6 cast either :skull_and_crossbones:

I set up the poll thinking this would be the final! Ah man… a 16 episode season, not that much more than some seasons but it’s felt sooo much longer.

This reunion is also like, the clip shows they used to have, with daft solo lip syncs thrown in, and the top four aren’t there for the actual reunion stuff? And this is 1 hour 20 minutes long? Aaaaa


Ooo what’s the AS6 rumours?