RuPaul’s Drag Race US/UK/Canada (Rolling)

It’s not a cast I like much, but I think the season can only be better than I expect it to be (particularly compared to Down Under, which is an absolute wreck)

I am gonna have to start picking and choosing which franchises I keep up with in future I think… she says, with a WOW Presents Plus subscription to watch Thailand and Holland

Not seen Holland yet - I’ve heard it’s generally not great but there are some great queens? - but my current ranking is:

UK > Thailand > US > All Stars > Canada > Down Under

Im still interested to see how Germany is with Heidi Klum if I ever get round to it, partly as its good practice :sweat_smile:

I tried Holland and haven’t gone beyond the first one. I don’t know if it’s because I can’t read the subtitles and look at the action and that’s putting me off, but I wasn’t really feeling it.

Did watch Meet the Queens España the other day though - :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire:

I still prefer Down Under to Canada, though it’s now a bit like watching season 12 after the Sherry Pie stuff came out.

Anyone watched España premiere yet? Its good!

It’s next on my list after Thailand (which is deffo worth pushing past the subtitle barrier on)! I imagine it being below All Stars and above Canada.

Canada was underwhelming but at least the judges got the local references. Down Under is painful.

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Ru seems very out of touch and lost :smiley:


First episode of Espana was very entertaining, sad for the queen who went home though - she was hilarious.

Just checking in yet again to tell you guys that Thailand S2 remains unbelievable, it’s got the most joyful lipsync I’ve ever seen (it made me cry with joy) and a queen just set herself on fire on the runway. I love pretty much all these queens with all my heart - they have such great personalities and are so funny. I love how open the show is to queens from different countries and of different genders (there are two trans women competitors who are amazing queens) and how free it feels to do its own thing with who stays and who goes, the number of people lipsyncing. Apparently the queens all have day jobs so they had to film on the weekend?? And this is the level of quality, creativity, ingenuity and passion they put in?? It’s wonderful and although I’d still say I prefer UK, that’s mostly a cultural understanding thing. Only a few episodes left to watch and I’m so sad it’s nearly over! But so happy that it exists!!

International All Stars speculation: It sounds like the Thailand queen competing is Pangina Heals, who is one of the judges - not contestants - on Thailand and basically the RuPaul of Asia but way younger and more adventurous in her drag?? If it raises the profile of Thailand I’ll be delighted, can’t believe she wouldn’t win if she took part - she’s amazing.

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Just watched the first episode of España - definitely right up there with some of the best opening episodes!

Absolutely loving Espana. The judging is really warm and they seem like a really good bunch.

If anyone wants to watch the excellent HBO series about Veneno btw, DM me :eyes:

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Ru just is so checked out of Down Under, i can’t blame him because it’s terrible, but he’s literally zoning out in the workroom in this week’s episode :joy: awful season. it might have been producer tomfoolery that brought Art back but it still deeply grates how judgemental she is of others, like bitch you should not even be here!! where do you get off on having huge opinions on EVERYTHING!! again, partly production’s fault for relying on her so hard for confessionals/reactions. i don’t really think anyone particularly deserves to win but def rooting for NZ queens. my heart has not been in it since Anita went home :frowning: :broken_heart:

watching Holland as well atm, 5 episodese in, and it is… chaotic.

Spain is very enjoyable so far

ok the makeover episode in Holland is one of the best episodes i’ve ever seen, what a beautiful episode with such amazing supportive family members :sparkling_heart:

makes up for the shite show of DRDU.

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oh my god i wish i was dead

this is the semi final?? get fucked. so shit, fuck drag race down under, jesus christ


Only decent person who could have won won, so that’s something, but the psychobabble from Ru and Michelle was the most offensive I’ve ever known it. Jfc. Awful awful people. I feel pretty sorry for Art and Kita having to deal with that.

Holland was a total mess too, Probably a second-bottom tier season. Those queens deserved so much more. Right winner again though and I did warm to the winner over the season… Just wish the elimination order had made more sense (Abby OMG making the final???) And yikesssss that Mama Queen v Abby lip sync is one of the worst ever. The sploot at the end :grimacing:

Yes, was a relief. Fast forwarded most of the final, just cba anymore

I love España so much! What a wonderful cast of queens - so talented and fun, I really love all of them. I love the way they entered the workroom this week and I think Supremme might even be a better host than Art and Panpan are on Thailand. Even though I didn’t know most of the Snatch Game characters I loved the interaction between queens and really enjoyed learning about the people they were portraying afterwards.

Great season so far and infinitely better than DRDU. The judging panel are generally excellent as well - Ana Locking is miles above Nikkie Plessen and she’s more constructive than Stacey McKenzie, enjoy the lads with the quiffy hair too. And that guest judge who looked like Dawn French in episode 2 had me absolutely in bits.