RuPaul's Drag Race Season 11 (rolling)

HERE :clap: FOR :clap: IT :clap:


clicked this thread out of curiosity, for some reason I thought Ru Paul was a republican presidential nominee.

Where did I get that idea from?

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Marco Rubio?

You’re thinking of Ron Paul :slight_smile:

Trixie’s gonna walk this isn’t she? Think that might be my fave ever entrance :smiley:

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oh yeah that’s it! thanks

Yes, I hope Trixie wins. But who is the 10th queen going to be???

so I thought Ru Paul’s Drag Race was like some cleverly worded title for a political commentary panel type show he hosted in America. All this from a misunderstanding of his name!



Shangela’s cloned herself, maybe?

i reckon either someone who was in All Stars 1 (Manila??) or Valentina?

I read it might be Miss Fame :rooster:

Feels a bit too soon after the last one but I am obviously here for it. Annoying that Netflix won’t be showing it so it’s back to dodgy streams and downloads again.

I love Drag Race! I’m only on season three though so am behind.

Oooh you’re in for a treat - season 4 and 5 are the best.


Looks like Bob the drag queen has spoiled the 10th queen. I am beside myself!


Saying nowt don’t worry! But I’d advise avoiding Instagram as all the queens are spoiling it

Here’s a sizzling hot take, I’m not a big fan of the All Stars series. I quite like learning more about the new contestants and what they like as the weeks go on. The All Star ones tend to feel a bit like re-runs, for me at least.


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It aired yesterday in the US, unfortunately, so not technically a spoiler. This is why I have avoided anything Drag Race today.

Anyone watched it yet?

1.AJAAAAAAAAAA!!! Obviously hoping Trixie wins, but I love Aja.
2. Feel there’s something ‘wrong’ with having a winner on an All Stars Season tbh, but don’t mind it.
3. Loved Morgan McMichael’s entrance, but she deserved to go.